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My Next Rainy Day Just Got A Little Brighter
WHAT: Random   |   WHEN: June 25, 2008
Over the last couple years I've had this mindless routine of sorts that I never really paid much attention to where I'd throw any loose change I had in my pocket at the end of the day into the drawer in my night stand. (I'm sure there was a run-on sentence with a few too many prepositions and dangling participles in there somewhere). Well, a couple weeks ago I noticed my left bicep was getting huge from pulling the now heavy drawer open once daily - and by huge I mean when I crossed my arms and pulled them in tight against my chest Simon Cowell style, it looked a little above average in size.

Kylie said for fun we should get some coin wrappers and count it all out ourselves and see how much I had. For fun? Seriously? Counting all those coins on a Friday night? Um... yeah... I told her I thought it would be not-so-fun and that I'd rather hit the Coin Star machine down at the grocery store and let it count it all for me... well worth the 9.8% or whatever they skim off the top to me to not have to count it. So, we compromised and counted it ourselves one recent Friday night.

[Insert sound of drum roll here]... $178.52. Sweet. And you know how much Coin Star got of that? Zippo. Take that Coin Star. We stuck it to the man.

Glad I suggested we count it out ourselves.


New Team Member
WHAT: Random   |   WHEN: June 23, 2008
I love days like today. Earlier this morning a big black box with an Apple logo and my name on it was delivered by the nice folks at FedEx. It's better than my birthday because - unlike the stuff my grandma used to get me - I know I'm gonna like what's inside the box. [Sorry, grandma, I didn't mean it... I just needed a good metaphor to pull off that marginally funny line. I loved the stiff, dark blue, shiny off-brand jeans wrapped in an Eggo waffle box you gave me when I was 8.]

Um, where was I? Oh.. right. Meet my newest employee. Let's call her Madeline, and let's make it "Maddy" for short. With her stunning resume & qualifications (she's got 2 3.2GHz quad core processors, a 320GB hard drive, 2 additional internal 1TB hard drives and 10GB of RAM), she's going to take over all the editing duties from Mac Daddy. Good ol' MD - he's been a star performer, but let's face it... being 3.5 years old for someone in his position in this industry... he just can't keep pace anymore. No worries, we're not kicking him to the curb just yet... we're just "reassigning" him. His new job responsibilities haven't been nailed down yet, but he's likely to take on some server duties, maybe run slide shows for clients when they come over, possibly morph into a jukebox/media center... who knows. At the very least, he'll be the world's most expensive - but best looking - paper weight. Thanks for your hard work, Mac Daddy. We won't forget you.

Maddy did a little modeling for me right outta the box. She's a beauty.


Dry Run - Wedding Photography
WHAT: Weddings   |   WHEN: June 23, 2008

I was going through my hard drive getting ready for the new, shiny, screaming fast G5 that arrives tomorrow and almost forgot about the images I shot as a 2nd shooter for Melissa Jill at Ashlie and Eric's wedding in Omaha last month. Melissa was so nice to let me tag along and do a little practice dry run before photographing my first (and possibly only) official wedding next month in Bismarck, North Dakota.

The great thing about being a 2nd shooter is that you have a ton of freedom and you're not responsible for any of the formal group shots. Sweeeeeet. Basically, you just get to be a little fly on the wall with a big lens all day... loved it. It was great to see Melissa work, though... so helpful to learn from someone who really knows her stuff and consistently turns out fantastic photographic stories from the wedding day. Check out the images she captured that day including the slide show link at the very bottom.

Below are a few of the photographs I took during the day.

Here's Ashlie getting a little salon love before the ceremony.

The bride's proud mom adoring her little girl.

Eric gave all the groomsmen personally engraved pocket watches. Very cool.

The bride & groom agreed to Melissa suggestion to see each other for before the ceremony for a mini photo session. I'm a big fan of this because not only does it allow them to have a more intimate, emotional moment than seeing each other for the first time in the church, it also means you can finish the formal portraits before the ceremony and go straight to the reception afterwards. I think it's a win-win situation for the wedding party and the guests.

Check out Melissa and fellow 2nd shooter Julie Morriss capturing a cool moment between Ashlie and Eric. Between the three of us, we had our own paparazzi club.

Loved the location of their outdoor ceremony. Not only was it in a beautiful park, but it was right around the corner from the path where Eric proposed to Ashlie

Love the expression on ring bearer and flower girl's faces in this one. Aren't they adorable?

Father of the bride getting ready to give his daughter away.

Melissa getting 'the shot"... again.

A view from the top floor of the Livestock Exchange Building in Omaha. I know what you're thinking, but the name's a little misleading. There were no barnyard animals roaming the reception... it's actually a very cool building.

The guy in the gray shirt on the right look s little nervous thinking the garter might be coming his way.

There was a friendly dance off between one of the guests and the brother of the bride.

I see a ring bearing gig in this guy's future.

This little girl couldn't care less about the camera pointing at her... or about the the ceremony going on behind her.

Congratulations again, Ashlie & Eric. God bless!


More Monday Randomness
WHAT: Fun   |   WHEN: June 16, 2008
We're not all about huge, snazzy photography client images here on the blog. Well, I mean mostly we are, but sometimes we understand that people need something more than just oooh and ahhhh entertainment. They need something that's gonna improve their quality of life. Something to make their life more efficient.

I obviously didn't invent this next gem, but when I see something I think can help other folks, in particular my male counterparts, I feel compelled to help a brother out. Use as often as needed. WARNING: Gentlemen, if you use this as your method of choice for apologizing to the missus, you're likely going to need a new method (and a place to stay) in the near future.


Pop vs. Coke ~ The General Public Has Spoken
WHAT: Fun   |   WHEN: June 16, 2008
I can't tell you how many times I've had this conversation over the years:

"Hey, whaddya say where you come from, pop or Coke?"
"We say, 'You wanna pop?' "
"Yep, you?"
"Down here we say 'Coke'. Pop must be a Midwest thing."
"Huh, dunno. I wonder what people everywhere else call it?"

Well, now we know. Finally, someone has done some meaningful research. Forget global warming. Forget Obama's position on foreign trade sanctions. Will the Buckeyes ever win another college football championship? Slightly more entertaining question, but only regional interest at best. Will gas hit $6/gallon by the end of the year? Who cares? The GP has long demanded publicly-funded, unscientific data to put the soft drink nomenclature debate to rest. What the GP wants, the GP gets. Here ya go.


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