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Featured Top 10 Blog in Professional Photographer Magazine
WHAT: News   |   WHEN: May 9, 2010

I was completely surprised and more than excited when Mary Hanson (photographer and creator of Blogs of Photogs) emailed me a little over a week ago to tell me that my blog was going to be featured as one of her top 10 favorites in an article she wrote for Professional Photographer Magazine.  In the article (read it here), Mary gives some fantastic tips on creating a great blog, and considering she has reviewed several hundred blogs and knows a thing or two about the subject.  It is truly an honor to be listed in the top 10, especially given the other 9 photogs in the list, several of which I have always been in awe of.

On a side note, I had to laugh when the magazine showed up in the mail today, and as Kylie was reading it she pointed out a couple typos in the post of the screenshot of my blog that was shown in the article.  Bwahahaha... that's what I get for posting by moonlight. 


Call for Model(s) - Shoot this Weekend
WHAT: News   |   WHEN: April 22, 2010
Since I was planning on being out of town through next weekend on vacation before that whole trip got volcano-ized, I've got a relatively open weekend and thought it would be a fun time to do a just-for-fun shoot if I can pull it together. I'm looking to do a vintage couple/engagement shoot with the guy and girl wearing - what else - vintage clothing, circa the 40's or 50's.

What I Need:
An outgoing guy and girl couple (could be dating, engaged, married or even just good friends) who are willing to have some fun and dress up a bit for some cool images. Must be available this Saturday or Sunday from 6-8pm in downtown Dallas.

What You'll Need:
Models will need to get/wear appropriate clothes, do their own make-up, and bring a gigantic sense of humor mixed with a side of saucy-ness.

What You'll Get:
A free session and a selection of digital images chosen by me. Prints can also be purchased, but not required.

If this sounds fun for you or would be a good fit for someone you know, email me for more details at asap. Hope to hear from you!


For Sale to a Good Home
WHAT: News, Personal   |   WHEN: December 27, 2009
New year = new car this year.  Sooo... that means my old car is now looking for a new home.  Honestly I'm a little sad to see her go; she's been a great car for me for the last 9 years, and after getting her thoroughly cleaned up last week, she still looks good.  It's funny how you can tie memories and milestones in your life to the car you were driving at the time, and this one's got a ton of 'em.  This car holds some special sentimental value to me just because it was the first car I ever bought and paid off.

Here's the 411 on the goods:

2001 Ford Escape XLT - $4500 (OBO)
-  100,813 miles
-  1 owner (me)
-  2WD with V6 engine
-  leather interior
-  6-way power driver's seat
-  roof luggage rack
-  power moonroof
-  power windows & door locks
-  CD and cassette player (did he say casette player? Yes, he did.  No idea if it works, though, because it's never been used)
-  cruise control
-  alloy wheels
-  running boards
-  rear spoiler
-  fog lamps
-  tinted windows
-  new tires in June '09 (~10,000 miles on them)

The Fine Print - The car is 9 years old, and so it's not without a few minor faults, none of them very serious.  In fact, I've lived with a couple of them for over a year.  Here they are:

-  The radio & CD player work perfectly except for the display, meaning everything sounds great, but unless you've memorized your radio presets, you may not know what station you're listening to (until they announce it, of course, like they do after every song and commercial).  This one perplexes me a bit because the display will come on and work fine for a few minutes once a month or so, and then just randomly goes back out.  Makes me think maybe there's just a wire loose or something.  In any case, I had my presets memorized, so I never bothered getting it fixed.
-  The factory-installed tinting on the front driver's side window has started bubbling at the top and will eventually need replaced.
-  The factory-installed tinting on the front passenger's side window has been scratched near the top of the door line.  There was a span of about a year where I kept locking my keys in the car, and one of the AAA guys used the wrong tool to unlock the door one of those times and scratched the tinting.
-  A section of the door panel fabric has come off of both doors in the front, but in both cases this has been re-glued.
-  The O2 sensor was replaced in October '09
-  The idle controller was replaced in November '09

Kelly Blue Book Value:
Private party (if you were to buy it from an individual) for this model in good condition - $5,780

I think this car would be a great second family car or a fantastic first car for a HS student.  If you're interested or have more questions, shoot me an email at

Finally, here's a few images of the car.


Day 324 ~ Chris & Lindsay (The Rest of the Story)
WHAT: Engagements, Families, News, Portraits   |   WHEN: November 25, 2009
I'm waaaay behind on blogging lately, but I'm finally getting around to posting some great sessions I've had recently, including friends Chris & Lindsay.  You can catch the initial post when I met up with them back in Ohio here.

And now, some more of my favorite images from their killer session.  I. Miss. Autumn. In. Ohio.

Tucker!  Such a great dog.

Photo interuption.  Tucker needed a little attention before going on with the session.


Gone Fishin' (For A Tan)
WHAT: News   |   WHEN: November 4, 2009
Just a heads up that things will be a little quiet around here for the next couple days.  See you on the flip side.


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