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Then and Now
WHAT: Kids, Newborns   |   WHEN: August 6, 2012
It's bittersweet to see these two images.  I've barely blinked, and already 16 months has passed.  Obviously I know she's grown since we first brought her home from the hosiptal, but it's hard to fathom how much until I see this.


Finley and the Fears
WHAT: Families, Kids   |   WHEN: July 15, 2012   |   WHERE: McKinney, TX
Not too long ago, I got to meet Finley for the first time, and lemme tell ya, God has big plans for this one.  She has already had a remarkable journey in her first 16 months, and she has persevered with such a sweet soul.  She was born blind, and she's already endoured 14 surgeries to gain fairly good sight in her left eye and has a glass right eye. She is as precious and loving and happy as any little girl you'll find, and it was a pleasure to get to photograph the Fears family again, this time with little sister Finley.

Here's some of my favorites from our recent session together.

Love those two bottom front teeth.

Big brother Max has gotten HUGE since I last photographed him.

I really love this of Finey walking away with dad watching in the background.

So sweet.

Cracks me up how Finley looks like she's waving to someone down the street.


Saige @ 14months
WHAT: Kids, Personal   |   WHEN: June 14, 2012
It's been two months since Saige turned 1, and it's been 2 months since I've done a blog post with her in it.  **Insert sound of Father of the Year hopes being dashed here**  Crazy how much she's evolved into a little person since then.  Anybody that has/had kids this age and says it's not the greatest time just isn't paying attention.  Check that... anybody that has/had ONE child this age.  I can imagine one you add another kiddo to the mix, it would be a little more, ahem, challenging.

Milestones in the last couple months include:
-  Walking like a champ. (includes falling on her tush like a champ, too)
-  "Uh-Oh":  when she accidentally/intentionally drops things. Occasionally "uh-oh" proceeds food being tossed from the high chair.
-  "Dyoh":  dog
-  "Dyoh dyoh":  more than one dog (when Mia has friends over)
-  Mastered the process of exfoliating toilet paper from the toilet paper holder
-  Pointing:  usually accompanied by an "Oooo" or a grunt
-  Removing the hand towel from where it hangs in the kitchen.  Every day.  Multiple times a day.
-  Hugs:  still hard to come by, but my favorite
-  Removing every one of her books from the bookshelf.  So far no desire make the effort to put them back. 
-  Chewing bugs
-  Mocking us when she's bypassed child-proof doors/cupboards (could have something to do with the shoddy install job by dad and grandfather Garry)
-  Turning on master bathroom faucet. And splashing water everywhere.
-  Less patience when the parental units aren't deemed to be working fast enough to appease her whims.
-  Holding her breath underwater for 5 seconds. 
-  Sleeping from 8pm to 8:30-9:00am.  Wo-hoo!
-  Pulling gum from my mouth.
-  Converting food to hair conditioner.  

I know many of the folling images from 12-14months have already been posted on Facebook, but I like to post them here as more of a personal record in case (or when) Facebook one day disappears into the internet sunset.

Flipping through a Rangefinder magazine.  (Score!)

She went through an O face stage.

One of the only photos we have of Saige and Mia where Mia doesn't look terrified.

Love this expression. Wish I could bottle it.

Bitten by state-of-the-art VCR technology.

Waiting patiently for an evening walk.

Photo bootcamp training to be daddy's assistant in a couple years.

Atta girl.

My girls on Mother's Day.


First self-portrait.

Rubbing it in that she's figured out the child-proofing on entertainment system cabinet.

Love my daddy-daughter time just before bed.


Finley and the Fears {Sneak Peek}
WHAT: Families, Kids   |   WHEN: June 13, 2012
I had a viewing appointment scheduled with a client tonight, and she was super bummed that she had to call and reschedule because she discovered major roof/ceiling issues at their house late this afternoon.  She'd been looking forward to it all day, and it's really a bummer because I'm heading on a Jamaican mission trip this weekend, so we have to reschedule for when I get back the week after next.  She asked if I could post just a small sneak peek so she could at least see a couple images, and I was happy to do so.

Little Finley is so precious. She's had a tough first 15 months that's already included 14 surgeries, but you'd never know it with her sweet, playful spirit.  She's truly a joy to be around, and I'll talk more about her and the Fears family when I post the full set of session images after they've had their vieiwing appointment. 

For now, here's a quick preview of our time together.


The Reames {from the archives]
WHAT: Families, Kids, Portraits   |   WHEN: May 25, 2012   |   WHERE: Dallas, TX
Still playing catch up on blog posts.  This one's from last November when my cousin and his wife and 2 kiddos came down and stayed with us for Thanksgiving.  We love hangin' out with the Reames clan because they're a ton of fun... and because Aaron is like my brother from another mother; he and I are neck & neck in race to be the most absent-minded.  We were both granted book smarts, but we left the building before they handed out common sense.

These guys are also native Ohioans (now living near Boston) and Buckeyes to the bone, so they'll always be welcome in our house. Not that we don't let non-Buckeyes in, they just have work extra hard to earn their keep... or pay us rent.  Aaron, Jen and the kids have a lifetime pass.

I love these images, not just because we're related, but because the images are so relaxed and fun and tell a story about who this family is.  Without ever meeting them, you know who they are and what their dynamic is like just by glancing at their photos.  Their personalities in these images are the same as they are when a camera's not pointed at them.  It's hard for some people be themselves in front of the camera. Not these guys.

We loaded up the car one afternoon and headed down to a park near downtown Dallas, and on another day they busted out their OSU gear for a trip to a park in our neighborhood.  Here is their story in photos.

This next image cracks. me. up.  Alexandra is layin' down the law, mafia style, on big brother Spencer.

If I had a photo of Aaron as a kid, it would look exactly like Spencer. Exactly.

Sweet moment.

We tried to do a serious pose of Jen and Aaron. Honest.  This is about as close as we got.


Hey, sweet cousin Saige makes an appearance!  Wo-hoo!  Man, she looks so much younger in this image.

One day about 8-10 years from now, the kids will regret this next sequence.  Kind of an unfortunate anything-you-can-do-we-can-do-better moment. One day they'll learn that there are some things mommies & daddies do that brothers & sisters shouldn't.  Hilarious.

They used this on the Christmas card last year. Ready. Set. Celebrate!


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