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WHO: Kylie   |   WHAT: Maternity, Personal   |   WHEN: April 4, 2011

Clock's ticking. Less than 2 weeks to the official due date, but our doctor doesn't believe baby Nicolosi's gonna wait that long to make her debut. At this point the only thing bigger than Kylie's belly is our sense of anticipation... and terror.

Funny, I'm in this weird phase where I find myself saying (usually to myself... hopefully), "Well, that's the last time I'll [insert random act of life here] before being a daddy." Clearly it would sound more epic if I was saying that while rescuing a puppy from a burning house, saving the world from an approaching astroid, or, shoot, just succesfully changing the oil in the car by myself.  Instead, it's usually while I'm doing things like getting my hair cut, picking out the perfect ripeness of bananas at the grocery store, or paying my quarterly photography sales tax bill. 

In preparation for our little girl's arrival, I've also been busy buying, building & borrowing a large mass of items for our first series of newborn images with her. It's getting a little ridiculous, really. The upside is if Dallas gets hit with a record snow in April, I've got enough blankets and throws for everyone on our block. And I think I've managed to successfully divert Kylie's anxiety about the impending sleep deprivation headed our way by overwhelming her with the number of photo sessions I'm planning on doing with the our baby in the first 10 days. Perhaps I'm a bit overly-optimistic about how much free time we're gonna have to do these sessions all day long and how easy they're gonna be. What else do we have to do, though, right? [grin]

Finally, as the time until I become a dad has gone from years to months to days and soon to hours, these are just a few things I'm anticipating:

- her first cry (an assurance that she's here and okay)
- the first time I look into her eyes
- her first photo
- the first time her tiny fingers grab one of mine
- the first time they lay her on Kylie's chest and we become a family of 3
- the first time we bring her home... and then panic
- watching her sleep
- the first time Kylie & I get to sleep through the night again
- the second time Kylie & I get to sleep through the night again
- the first time the dog snags one of her poopy diapers and drags it through the house like a chew toy
- the first time she wraps her little hands around my neck and gives me a big ol' hug
- the first time she calls me daddy
- her first trip to the zoo
- the first time I trick her into thinking cleaning the house is fun (a la Tom Sawyer and the painting of the fence)
- the first time she helps me with a photo shoot (cheap labor!)

Counting down...


Laura ~ Expecting [Frisco Maternity Photographer]
WHAT: Maternity   |   WHEN: March 30, 2010
Every other Sunday night Kylie and I have the privilege of hanging out and fellowshipping with some fantastic couples going through a similar phase in their marriage (0-3 years married) as part of our Foundation Group.  In addition to our awesome mentor couple Terry & Susan, Jason & Laura sometimes also lead the group during our get-togethers since they've been through the Foundation Group process before.

Jason & Laura were expecting a little brother for the first son, Lincoln, so we got together to create a few images of Laura during her last few days of pregnancy.  I say "were expecting" because between the time we got together at their new house for a session and the time it's taken me to post the images here on the blog a couple weeks later, their new baby boy, Jackson, has since made his debut to the world.  In fact, Laura had Jackson just barely a week after our session.  Whew... just in time.  

I can't say enough good things about Jason & Laura.  They both have a heart for Christ and a desire to serve, and they're just. so. nice.  We feel blessed to have ended up in a group with them and the rest of the couples in our Foundation Group.

A few of my favorites from our session...

Isn't Laura adorable?  She's so tiny, even at 8 months...

Here's big brother Lincoln showin' some love to his soon-to-be best bud.

One word... suh-weet.

Love me some off-camera flash.  Beautiful light.

Loved the way the light was falling across Laura's face in this image.  I had Jason holding a small video light from above and to Laura's right to create this look.

Jason & Lincoln taking a little play break after the session.


Debi {Maternity}
WHAT: Maternity, Portraits   |   WHEN: January 24, 2010
My friend's Debi & Francis are preparing to welcome home their first little one in just a couple days.  At eight and half months pregnant, Debi looks pretty fantastic.  I mean, when we showed up at their house to create a few images of her belly, I was expecting Debi to look, well, more pregnant.  She's always been physically fit, but if I didn't see her little bump, I'd never guess she was pregnant.  Yes, she looks that amazing.

Here's just a couple from our quick session.

Debi & Francis have 3 Weimaraners, and after a little coaxing, we got the 2 youngest ones to jump in and break in the crib a bit for the baby.


Day 106 ~ A New Hippie Is Born
WHAT: Maternity, Project 365 (2009)   |   WHEN: April 20, 2009

Welcome to the big show, Zayne Alexander Jennings. My friends Mike (a.k.a. "Hippie" in his previous life) and Melanie had their first baby boy this past Friday. He's a tiny little guy with lotsa hair and even more touchdown catches ahead of him. Let's hope the checkerboard clown shoes bypass a generation, though. (Sorry, Hippie... it was too easy. [grin]).

By the way, you can see more of Mike and Melanie from a while back here and here.


Angie & Jeff ~ Expecting
WHAT: Maternity   |   WHEN: June 8, 2008

I recently met Angie and Jeff for a maternity session at their beautiful home as their expecting their 2nd little one any day now. We we originally going to do an outdoor session, but summer heat has set in pretty early this year in Texas, and if we'd done the session outside I'm certain we'd have been headed to the hospital... the only question would've been whether it was because Angie went into labor or I passed out from overheating.

Meet Angie. Doesn't she look fantastic at 9 months?

I also got to meet sweet little Sophia. She was a little shy at first, but she came around after we started playing the "are-you-ticklish-I'm-gonna-get-you" game. She's ready to be a big sister.

Check out Angie's cool toe nails with the flowers. Completely fits her sweet & adorable personality.


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