Dennis  Hey Matt...great session. Can you email me your post process mix on these. I love your deep rich almost stained look on them.  Nov 12, 2008 ~ 7:45am
jeana bird  Your work is amazing. I just love all of these shots but the swing shot is perfection (there is just something about swings that scream childhood).  Nov 11, 2008 ~ 4:38pm
Bliss  You are G-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-D!!!  Oct 29, 2008 ~ 12:30pm
Monica  You sweetly captured a gorgeous family!  Oct 28, 2008 ~ 10:35am
Tina  Great stuff, Matt!  Oct 28, 2008 ~ 9:23am
Jill Louvar  Great Images as always!! :)  Oct 28, 2008 ~ 9:14am
Sarah Castor  What a beautiful family! I love the clothes they chose to wear! The pictures are spectacular as always!  Oct 27, 2008 ~ 7:59pm
Dennis  Good stuff as always Matt!  Oct 27, 2008 ~ 7:30pm
Foster Cryer  I love the last image! The texture that you capture and emphasize in your pictures is awesome!  Oct 27, 2008 ~ 5:12pm