Andrea Martin  Hi Matt, I'm Janna Bowling's friend Andrea and love your work. I'm especially interested in the one with the street signs in Boston's Little Italy (if that's correct) Is there a way I can purchase a copy of this print? Please let me know  Dec 12, 2008 ~ 4:18pm
Allison  Love, love, love the yellow building or apartment with the flower boxes overflowing with flowers! You are super talented at finding beauty in the everyday things.  Oct 23, 2008 ~ 3:34pm
Crystal DelaHoz  I really hope you are making some awesome coffee table books with all these images!! I'd buy one.  Oct 22, 2008 ~ 1:11pm
Matt Nicolosi  @ Sharon: haha... I did indeed have some chowdah. Yep, Boston was beautiful. The lens used for the portraits in this post was the 85mm f/1.4 shot wide open at f/1.4. HTH!  Oct 19, 2008 ~ 10:06pm
Sharon C.  Beautiful images, as always ... so jealous that you are in Boston this time of year. Which lens did you use on the portraits? Lovely DOF! Did you have clam chowder? My last visit there was for a weekend and I had chowder no less than 5 times!  Oct 19, 2008 ~ 9:30pm
rosie  um. wow.  Oct 19, 2008 ~ 6:49pm
Shelley Rankin  just wonderful images. Wow. These made me smile today and inspired me to just get out and shoot a few things for myself. I am only about 5 hours from Boston and need to make time to go there with hubby. You make it look wonderful!  Oct 19, 2008 ~ 10:27am
keri Schimpf  matt!!! im so excited you guys made it out to boston again! seeing as i just had our baby girl im not sure we will be out and about -since its a little chaotic! otherwise i'd love to say hello! my husband and son saw jen and spencer a few weeks ago at an indoor playspace but we havent seen them much since the kids gym class ended! say hello to them for us! hope you enjoy your stay!! if you venture towards the north shore let us know! we are in essex - near gloucester the shots! xoxo  Oct 19, 2008 ~ 6:52am
Stacey  Awesome shots! I'm completely drawn into your photography. It's so touchable! BTW-I have to mention that my husband and I went to see the movie Fireproof and it was wonderful! Thanks for the tip!  Oct 18, 2008 ~ 1:37pm
Dennis  These are great Matt. It looks like you guys are having a great time!  Oct 18, 2008 ~ 11:25am