Melissa Surprise  Where are the Fenway Park pictures! If I could pick a place to live, this would be it!  Oct 24, 2008 ~ 7:26pm
Sharon C.  So lovely! I lived in Boston for a short while on a work assignment. Cried when I had to go home ... beautiful city. Thanks for sharing. Especially love that first one!  Oct 17, 2008 ~ 2:28pm
April Todd  You have such a wonderful way of capturing beauty in everyday things.  Oct 17, 2008 ~ 10:13am
Shelley Rankin  Love fall. I look out of my office window each day at a gorgeous huge red maple and a sweet maple that has orange and red in it. Fall here in Canada is gorgeous and one of my favorite times of year! These shots are incredible. You inspire me to get out and take more persona shots.  Oct 17, 2008 ~ 10:11am
tanya   we use to live in Boston, very beautiful in the fall!! Enjoy!  Oct 17, 2008 ~ 9:58am
Monica  Thanks for sharing these beautiful images. I really miss New England fall but this brightened my day.  Oct 17, 2008 ~ 9:39am
Paula  Gorgeous photos Matt. I love the contrast of the leaves against the wood. Stunning! I do wish we had a bit more "fall" in Texas. It would be especially nice prior to. . .oh, say. . .January.  Oct 17, 2008 ~ 9:13am
Dennis  This is my favorite time of the year too. Cool weather, rich colors and fun times...  Oct 16, 2008 ~ 11:36am