Shena Luna  Hi Matt! I've decided to finally leave my first comment... the previous questions are ones that I've had myself for you and I'm looking forward to Friday's post to find out all your secrets! (Yipee!) Thanks for sharing your knowledge... can't wait :)  Sep 30, 2008 ~ 9:01pm
Sharon C.  Can I sneak in one question? The fonts in your header ... is the script Bickham? How about that lovely serif? Mucho thanks!  Sep 30, 2008 ~ 4:14pm
Sharon C.  Yippee! Thanks for your generosity!  Sep 30, 2008 ~ 4:13pm
Jess Curren  Awesome! Thanks so much Matt!! You know we all want to be just like you. :)  Sep 30, 2008 ~ 3:37pm
Kari Ihns  So, Matt - Do the questions have to be photography related? Just kidding. Actually I do have some photography questions I've been meaning to ask you. So, I'll drop in on Friday.  Sep 30, 2008 ~ 1:10pm
Monica  I'll be out of the country, but will somehow get myself to an Internet cafe! Thanks for doing that, Matt. Mainly I'm stopping in to ask when your workshop sign-up date will be. (That should help with retirement, or at least a nice meal out ;)  Sep 30, 2008 ~ 12:30pm
kendra  I won't be around either but I'm anxious to see the answers to the questions of those who are here. Everyone be sure to ask lots of post-processing questions!  Sep 30, 2008 ~ 11:42am
Casia Fletcher  Woo Hoo I can't wait... I have the day off and will put it down on my calendar. I missed Erin Vey's so I'm really looking forward to yours... since we've been playing phone tag and can't ever catch each other. Get ready for some tough questions... jk!  Sep 30, 2008 ~ 11:17am
Jason Drumm  I was just thinking. We are really pushy blog followers to break the rules and post questions early. Jeeesh! The nerve of some people. Crazy blog stalkers.  Sep 30, 2008 ~ 11:06am
Jason Drumm  SWEET! I'm so bummed - I leave work at three and have an hour commute. Which will put me at home just in time to log on and see everything I missed :-( But i'm really excited and grateful you would do this Matt - thank you. Since I won't be there, I'll follow suit behind Debbie just in case you are in need of more questions to answer. I would also second the questions that she asked in regards to post-processing practices. Especially helpful would be a general overview of your workflow from start to finish. Additionally, I'd be interested in hearing about your practices on the business side of photography. How do you organize yourself and your business (Bento? Outlook? graph paper?)? How do you manage contact info, job status, follow-up, etc. Let me know if you have need of further questions (ha -not likely!) cuz I have plenty in the hopper. Thanks again Matt, Jason PS - a suggestion for next time. If you had people submit questions, then answered them in an audio recording which you post for download, you'd save yourself all the carpel tunnel strain and further justify the use of the cool microphone graphic. :-)  Sep 30, 2008 ~ 11:05am
Debbie Mehlhaff  This is a great idea! I would love to ask you so many questions, however at that time my parent group is feeding 55 very hungry football players before their game! If you don't mind, I'm going to ask my questions now and if you have time to answer them sometime, great! Do you routinely use actions? Kubota and/or Totally Rad? Can you explain to an amateur how to achieve the vignetting/darkening/burning around the edges of the portrait that don't look solid black, but just a darkening of the tone that is already there? Is that an action? Thank you so much.  Sep 30, 2008 ~ 9:46am
D  My question: How can I be as good as you?? Please tell me!  Sep 30, 2008 ~ 12:46am