Sneckip  Your pictures tell a story!! I LOVE each one of them!! Your photo session SCREAM "FAMILY"!!! Thats right Chad!!! C'mon Matt....your fans are....WAITING!!!  Jun 6, 2012 ~ 2:22pm
Dennis Bullock  What an awesome session Matt!  May 26, 2012 ~ 10:17am
Chad Pennington  Matt I always think about History and Time and how my daughter and son will look when they get older (He is 3 and She is 1) so I always record them on video and Photos to preserve them. I love to see your Family shoots and it looks like they are having soooo much fun. I would love to see a video at the end of your post with your couples in action. That would make us (Your Fans ) Happy. Right Guys !!!?  May 26, 2012 ~ 9:02am
wendy  Not only is Alexandria laying down the law, she's flipping everyone off too~ :)  May 25, 2012 ~ 6:06pm
tim pham  ok... i ended up clicking on like 20 favorites. what a photo session!  May 25, 2012 ~ 4:31pm