Brandy  this totally cracked me up!! hahaha the floating head shot and yeah she looks so much like you.  Aug 17, 2011 ~ 10:33pm
Snekcip  This NO DOUBT was the funniest commentary ever!! Saige has gotta inherit your "sense of humor"...she just gotta!!!  Aug 2, 2011 ~ 3:55pm
Radmila Kerl  Aaaaw! I really love your comments in this post! How funny! This sort of picture could be found in my parents house as well, it looks like a Olan-Mills-Trend all over the world :) Keep up your fab work! Cheers from Germany, Radmila  Aug 2, 2011 ~ 4:25am
Rhonda Duron  Never have I been so happy to snort milk out through my nose than while reading this post. My son's POS preschool photos here in Allen had a similiar fence and field background in 2010, cough-cough. You are truly hilarious. Where is your humor blog donation box?? ...and where is the floating head in the wine glass photo. Oh- these are olan mills- not lifetouch ;)  Jul 31, 2011 ~ 3:06pm
Mom  You failed to mention that the leisure suit was made of the finest polyester My blouse is pretty hot, too. I sure hope my laughing tears don't result in permanent damage to my laptop.  Jul 30, 2011 ~ 11:20pm
Anne Reames  What a great trip down memory lane! When I first saw Saige, I'd have to say your mom was correct! Babies change and some days they look like the mom and other days the dad. DNA is wonderful!  Jul 30, 2011 ~ 8:58am
Suzy E  Beautiful Saige! And love the Olan Mills pics. Just think, someday, the name Matt Nicolosi may just be as well-known as Olan Mills. Only -known for MUCH BETTER photos!!  Jul 29, 2011 ~ 7:19pm
Chris Evans  Ok wasted coca cola all over my desk laughing at these posts. And don't knock Olan Mills. There were great memories here. Especially the mole hill and the Leisure suit (Mr. Saturday Night)! Loved every one of the pics!  Jul 29, 2011 ~ 5:16pm
Monica  Ok to be fair, post some Kylie baby pictures so we can vote :) Our Olan Mills canvasses are still hanging on the walls in my mom's house. I got an O.M. Christmas card just last year...they've got staying power.  Jul 29, 2011 ~ 4:48pm
Becky  Hilarious! Couldn't stop least you aren't wearing the red, white, and blue striped pants that my brother got to wear in our family pictures! How many pairs of plaid pants did you Mom buy anyway? Also, in the future I see some Dr. Evil pictures posted at PCN with your face as Dr. Evil. :)  Jul 29, 2011 ~ 4:18pm
Teresa  She is just so CUTE! Funny - both of my nieces look like my brother in law. Who knew girl versions of guys could be so cute! This is NOT an excuse to play dress up in Kylie's high heel shoes. ;)  Jul 29, 2011 ~ 1:06pm
lindey  matt...that was fabulous! saige is your clone right down to the shape of her little ears! ...the ray kroc of photography, that is so good!!  Jul 29, 2011 ~ 12:57pm
Cathy Noble  Hahahahaha! These are great...I too have a full Olan Mills portfolio! My two year old is sitting on my lap and on that last one she said "that looks like the prince and that looks like the princess!"...must be the suits hahaha! Saige is definitely looking just like you!  Jul 29, 2011 ~ 12:43pm
bev robison  ROFLMAO!!! Sadly, I had the same haircut as a child. Yup. It was a genderless creation.  Jul 29, 2011 ~ 11:44am
Amanda H  That is such a crack up. What makes it so funny to me is that when I got married (7yrs ago) my mother in law decided we needed a family photo and wanted to go to Olan Mills in K-Mart!!! I about died, I hate that picture to this day!! These are priceless.  Jul 29, 2011 ~ 11:17am
Gina Huffman  OMG!! I can't stop laughing!! for a couple of reasons! 1 being your comments! and 2 being the fact that I have the same photos at home of my sister and myself with the wonderful backgrounds and awesome outfits! plaid pants and all! :)  Jul 29, 2011 ~ 10:51am
nancy  I needed to start the day off with some good laughs. Loved the old photos and your comments were hilarious!!!! Great comparison photo with the baby.  Jul 29, 2011 ~ 8:55am
Robin  Laughing till I'm crying! Seriously, Olan Mills was a genius with those "look-away" shots. Funny stuff Matt...and yes, Saige looks like just like you!  Jul 29, 2011 ~ 8:49am
karey miller  w.o.w. love the commentary  Jul 29, 2011 ~ 8:43am
Scott  Awesome shots there, Matt! Gotta love the back drops!  Jul 29, 2011 ~ 8:17am