Dawn  She is gorgeous! With looks and teeth that beautiful...it's hard for a girl NOT to smile!! Matt you are awesome! Helps you have such a beautiful subject to work with!  Mar 22, 2011 ~ 3:04pm
Karen  I'm with Michele...she's super cute and I do feel like I know her from your images! Matthew, you always do such a fantastic job of capturing their personalities and making them look like rockstars in the process! Love them all!  Mar 22, 2011 ~ 3:00pm
Matt  Thanks so much to everyone for the comments. Jamie was a breeze to work with which always helps. Ralph - Thanks for the question. Actually, the first night shot was a one and a half light set-up. I had an assistant holding a Nikon SB-800 flash with a 22” softbox on it camera right at about a 45 degree angle to Jamie. The other light was a street light that was way up high camera left. Both were throwing some light on the brick wall behind her which I just vignetted in Photochop using a duplicate layer set to a multiply blend mode with a mask that I painted back in the lighter center area and the foreground. Hope that helps!  Mar 21, 2011 ~ 10:59pm
Stacey  Really beautiful work, Matt! Hadn't stopped by in a while and glad I did tonight! Lovely! :)  Mar 20, 2011 ~ 9:43pm
Ralph E. Grant  Fantastic Images. Beautiful subject. Love the high key low depth of field images and the lighting on the night shots are awesome. Three Lights on the first night shot or Two with photoshop vignette magic? Do tell....  Mar 17, 2011 ~ 5:44am
Candy  Amazing...as always...  Mar 17, 2011 ~ 2:05am
David  Freaking awesome work, the both of you. I never get tired of your images, Matt.  Mar 17, 2011 ~ 12:51am
Debbi  Every picture captured Jamie and all are stunning! She is a beatiful woman inside and out..  Mar 16, 2011 ~ 7:36pm
Alisa  I too can not pick a favorite... nice work Matt. Jamie is a natural beauty from within and it shines on the outside. Love and miss you Jamie. Forever your friends in Cali  Mar 16, 2011 ~ 7:09pm
Lydia  Absolutely amazing photos!! I can't pick a favorite. They are all beautiful and so is my daughter, Jamie!!! She is so stunning!!  Mar 16, 2011 ~ 6:37pm
Christine DeSavino   Love these! She is gorgeous and you captured her beautifully, Matt!  Mar 16, 2011 ~ 4:54pm
Teresa  Beautiful captures of a beautiful lady!  Mar 16, 2011 ~ 12:10pm
Jamie Lapeyrolerie  Matt - you are an amazing photographer. Times 50 billion. I'm so glad that I had the chance to work with you!! Thanks so much - these are awesome!!!!  Mar 16, 2011 ~ 11:05am
Teri  Wow!! I love these.  Mar 16, 2011 ~ 10:51am
Barbie Schwartz  Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Both the work and the subject. You nailed it, as always, Matt.  Mar 16, 2011 ~ 10:18am
karey miller  gorgeous! I want to hire you!  Mar 16, 2011 ~ 10:09am
Natalie Clayshulte  These are terrific! So much variety and she is so gorgeous. Bravo!  Mar 16, 2011 ~ 9:56am
Skoticus  Beautiful! As always your work is inspirational. Really fantastic. I love the black and white one in the chair, the one that feels like muted charcoal.  Mar 16, 2011 ~ 9:21am
Michele  Matt, these are stunning. Her make-up is killer! I love her cute hair and the images capture her personality so well. I feel like I know her :) She's so beautiful. How on earth is she going to choose a favorite??  Mar 16, 2011 ~ 9:17am