Dawn  Love all the images, but the one of the lady in the GREEN coat by the GREEN door is my absolute favorite!! BEAUTIFUL!!  Feb 9, 2011 ~ 11:34am
Amanda H  Thank you for sharing how you set this up, what a great photog workshop. Amazing stuff  Feb 2, 2011 ~ 11:35pm
Haley Lancaster  matt- each of these images is stunning. you have such an eye and talent! xo  Feb 2, 2011 ~ 10:19pm
Teresa  o.m.g. loooove the one of Simi holding onto the post with the water droplets isolated. Just stunning! How wonderful of her to model for you guys. Idea for the next post: video of you + friends butchering Garth Brooks songs. =D  Feb 1, 2011 ~ 1:09pm
Miklós  Dear Matt, Excellent images as always. I'm interested in portrait photography and I'd like to know your opinion about the best fix lens.. I fear about the distortion of the 85mm... As I know you like it very well. Could you help me to make this decision? Thanks in advance! Have a great lights! M  Feb 1, 2011 ~ 11:26am
Jeff Cason  Matt, Outstanding as usual. I especially love the one of Simi with the green wall in back. Great mood there. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to fall.  Feb 1, 2011 ~ 10:26am
Kelly Simmonds  So excited to have made your blog!! :) Awesome pictures as always.  Feb 1, 2011 ~ 10:08am
Suzy E  Matt, you are awesome. I love every single one of these images. I lived in New Orleans many, many years ago when my husband was in seminary and your images brought back lots of memories of the city and its culture. Thanks! Oh, and I wish I could find a good forum like yours to be a part of!  Feb 1, 2011 ~ 9:38am
Judith Rioux  Nice pictures Matt, enjoy your work. I do believe it should be "deux" and not "deaux" unless French is written differently in New Orleans ;-) Keep up your good work, I always enjoy a visit on your blog.  Feb 1, 2011 ~ 9:15am