Dawn   Love me some N'awlins!!LAISSEZ LE BON TEMPS ROULER!!!! The pictures are just gorgeous!!!  Jan 31, 2011 ~ 4:09pm
Dennis Bullock  Looks like a great trip Matt  Jan 31, 2011 ~ 2:57pm
bev hawley  The dust couldn't have settled too heavily on your blog as I frequently stopped by to see what beautiful images would appear next....not disappointed. Glad you had a nice break... sounds like a wonderful idea.  Jan 31, 2011 ~ 2:03pm
Teresa  I love when you go on trips! Fabulous work.  Jan 31, 2011 ~ 12:55pm
Candy  Just love lookin' at your stuff, man.  Jan 31, 2011 ~ 11:26am
Robin McQuay Anderson  Love the images - naturally...but what caught my eye was the part about the workshop having NO fee! That type of ego-check, art for art's sake attitude is lovely and sorely needed in an industry rife with the "everything has a price" mentality. More power to you all in sharing, caring, knowing, and learning from one another.  Jan 31, 2011 ~ 10:55am
A Weight  I've never been to New Orleans, but I swear that just by looking at your pics I could hear the sounds and smell the smells! You are Amazing!  Jan 31, 2011 ~ 10:04am
Jeff Cason  Great shots Matt. You have the eye!  Jan 31, 2011 ~ 9:41am