Eric  I noticed I have about 45 pennies in an old steel cut oatmeal tin. How much do you think I can get for that?  Jun 27, 2008 ~ 1:41pm
jenny  I couldn't help but laugh about your HGTV comment...I have to try to sneak in House Hunters without my husband catching me!! And heaven forbid they have 2 shows back to back!!!  Jun 27, 2008 ~ 12:34pm
Matt Nicolosi  Jenny - I dunno, but enough that I've stopped trying to justify my bullet-proof logic when I see that look any more. Hippie - no, of course not. Who plays Scrabble?? We watched HGTV. Lana - I'm a guy which means by default I'm clueless, so probably never. Dianna - Bite you're tongue, I've used Viveza twice. Awesome investment. Andi - I am a treasure to be with, and that's payment enough. Crystalyn - That's fantastic. Thanks for the info. I've made a note in my iPhone so that the next time we do this in 2013 we'll have an extra Friday night to do something really fun... like clean out the spouting.  Jun 27, 2008 ~ 12:03am
Crystalyn  If you have a Texans account, they have a machine at the Campbell road location that will count your change for free and deposit it into your account... with this info in your back pocket, Friday nights can be saved from change counting from now on...  Jun 26, 2008 ~ 4:37pm
Andi  I think Kylie should get to keep the money for putting up with you!!  Jun 26, 2008 ~ 3:46pm
Dianna  Wow, that might help recover the money you spent on Viveza......  Jun 26, 2008 ~ 12:54pm
Kylie  Jenny- way too many to count! Lana- I'm still waiting for him to learn that :) And for the record we went out and took photos at the park for a few hours before we counted the coins so it wasn't our sole weekend activity.  Jun 26, 2008 ~ 10:13am
lana  another questions matt...when will you learn that your better half is usually right?  Jun 26, 2008 ~ 9:25am
Hip  You, my friend, know how to party! Please tell me you didn't finish the night off with a rousing game of Scrabble....  Jun 26, 2008 ~ 9:12am
jenny  question many times does kylie roll her eyes at you a day??  Jun 26, 2008 ~ 7:27am