Nancy Cuppy  Love the processing on these, would you care to share it? I have some photos my daughter took on her point and shoot and was going to do a small canvas collection and love this look. Your photography is always on the top of my favorites list.  Feb 4, 2011 ~ 10:40am
Matt  @ Debbie - it's a digital signature. I used my Wacom tablet to write out my name in Photoshop and made a brush out of it. Any time I want to "sign" a print, I just use that brush, pick a color, and "stamp" it somewhere in the image.  Sep 24, 2010 ~ 12:48pm
Debbie  Stunning. May I ask if your signature is digital or if you actually signed the pieces? (If so, what do you use?) Thanks.  Sep 23, 2010 ~ 2:13pm
Daniel Fuentealba  we are many with that "disease" hehe cheers!  Sep 22, 2010 ~ 2:47pm
Monica  My bare, Texas orange peel textured, commitment-phobic walls are a good way. Really beautiful and an unexpected arrangement.  Sep 21, 2010 ~ 9:57pm
Chad Pennigton  You are sooooo dope  Sep 21, 2010 ~ 6:30pm
Kylene Cleaver  Sold.  Sep 21, 2010 ~ 3:49pm
JJ  Oh.My.Word.  Sep 21, 2010 ~ 2:16pm
Teresa  Great way to give examples to your clients! I absolutely love the images. Love your style and processing. love love love lalalala :)  Sep 21, 2010 ~ 10:28am
Kathryn Neeley  Absolutely Beautiful!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!  Sep 21, 2010 ~ 8:51am
Stacey Reese  WOW! Looks incredible!  Sep 21, 2010 ~ 12:52am
Karen  wowsers! i'm in love with your wall gallery...and i esp digg your watermark. very nice! now, can you come decorate my walls for me??  Sep 21, 2010 ~ 12:52am
Matt  Thanks, Elena!  Sep 21, 2010 ~ 12:47am
Matt  Thanks, gentlemen. And thanks for catching the typo, Daniel... I swear I misspell photography 4 times a day... not because I don't know how to spell it, but because my brain thinks I'm a faster typer than my fingers actually are.  Sep 21, 2010 ~ 12:46am
Elena Hernandez  Stunning imagery Matt...any intereior designer would LOVE to have this series on a wall in any home....just gorgeously done!  Sep 21, 2010 ~ 12:28am
Daniel Fuentealba  Look really nice... when you're getting a piece of art you should think twice before trying to save some money on the display options... it should be a way to add value to the piece. btw... little mistake on the text "photogography"  Sep 21, 2010 ~ 12:22am
Luis Murillo  It looks great on the wall...what a great idea that is  Sep 21, 2010 ~ 12:22am