Teresa  HAhahahahaha! Matt you crack me up! I say severeal of the same things when try to get my dog to diva it up for my camera. But I need to remember these: Tilt your head to the right if you think I'm an idiot. Stare at me if you wish I'd go away. I'm obviously missing what my boy is really thinking. I'll add dog whisperer to the list of things you rock at. :)  Sep 16, 2010 ~ 12:21pm
Natalie Clayshulte  I love the head tilt. Adorable!  Sep 16, 2010 ~ 11:22am
Mollie Kendall  sheesh Matt. You're giving me laugh lines before my time  Sep 16, 2010 ~ 11:12am
Monica  I can't stop saying Aaaaawwwwwww....  Sep 16, 2010 ~ 11:10am
Robin McQuay Anderson  Would that be the 85 1.4 G? The new one? I'm on B&H's waiting list for that new little toy. Nice shots of such a cute little pup!  Sep 16, 2010 ~ 8:21am
lindey  matt...your commentary is always super entertaining! mia is precious & that head tilt is too much :o) love!  Sep 16, 2010 ~ 2:24am