Suzy E  Beautiful!! You have such a gift!  Sep 14, 2010 ~ 9:35am
Erick Claytor  These are such beautiful images! By the way, did you survive the storm? I hope you guys are all right!  Sep 9, 2010 ~ 6:14pm
MARGARET MICHALEC  Emily may be yawning; but it looks like she is having a big laugh with her big sister and big brother. Great shot of a great family!  Sep 7, 2010 ~ 10:11am
Amanda H  Just fantastic, she is a pretty baby. Great photos, my fav is the baby up front with the cute siblings blurred in the back.  Sep 6, 2010 ~ 9:14pm
Natalie Clayshulte  I love the feet shots. Beautiful!  Sep 6, 2010 ~ 10:36am
bev hawley  Precious shoot. You sure can feel those children's joy and love for one another. Great job!  Sep 6, 2010 ~ 9:20am