Nick Tucker  I'm really liking the glass-like quality to this image, Matt. Lovely, lovely, lovely image!  Sep 6, 2010 ~ 2:53pm
Rachel Owens  Love! Oh that green goodness is wonderful! I love that you photograph (and share) common things that are often easy to overlook in life.  Sep 5, 2010 ~ 9:37pm
Teresa  Refreshing was the first word that popped into my mind when I saw this. Really beautiful!  Sep 2, 2010 ~ 12:33pm
Melissa Surprise  Makes me want to run out and play with my macro lens. Great shot!  Sep 2, 2010 ~ 11:04am
Suzy E  Beautiful!  Sep 2, 2010 ~ 8:59am
Laurie  Thanks for sharing this gorgeous image!  Sep 2, 2010 ~ 7:52am