Tira J   Hi Matt! I re-discovered your blogsite again today. I too have an Infinet blog and recently did the same thing with a little splash/site in front of the blog. Don't ya love it? And Brock n Dave are the bomb! Your stuff looks GREAT!  Aug 11, 2010 ~ 7:04pm
Amy   I'm glad you didn't rebrand. It fits you and your work I think. Can't wait to see the end result!  Jul 28, 2010 ~ 8:56pm
Amanda H  I love it, I definitely think keeping the logo was a good decision. Love brown and red. :)  Jul 8, 2010 ~ 5:27pm
Natascha  I like the sneak peak. Looks very clean and professional. I am looking forward to see your blog-website. Good luck.  Jul 7, 2010 ~ 7:19pm
Chad Pennington  Matt while I am loving the new site - I am curious - I have see you work as a designer and you could have designed this your self (Or did you design this). Was it a case of not wanting to put the time in and just have another company with e fresh perspective? I ask and say this because while I know Infinet designs work they are very busy and not cheap at all (for what the give you they should not be either). Just curious  Jul 4, 2010 ~ 12:49am
Stacey  Looks fabulous, Matt! I'm considering a blogsite myself, but not knowing what to do with all these left over websites, lol!  Jul 3, 2010 ~ 7:11pm
Kathy Norwood  Absolutely beautiful. Fresh and definitely you.  Jul 3, 2010 ~ 4:55pm
Laurie  The new design is very elegant and warm - beautiful!  Jul 3, 2010 ~ 8:58am
bev hawley  Matt, as a blog stalker, I'd say you have chosen the best team. Their work becomes remarkable when the other part of the team, you, are also out of the box type people. It's going to be remarkable!  Jul 3, 2010 ~ 8:55am
Daniel Fuentealba  nice job... there is consistency all around the place, logo, banner, picture, texture, colors... really nice to the eye. congrats N!  Jul 3, 2010 ~ 7:34am
Paige  Love it, especially the models!  Jul 2, 2010 ~ 10:46pm
Dennis Bullock  Looks fantastic Matt!  Jul 2, 2010 ~ 9:14pm
karen  verrrrrry nice.  Jul 2, 2010 ~ 8:33pm
Eric  rock on bro!  Jul 2, 2010 ~ 7:29pm