Roy  I should print this out on send it to all the local politicians!  Jun 20, 2008 ~ 4:32pm
Dianna  New flavor!! Fabulous Frutini  Jun 18, 2008 ~ 7:09pm
Paula  LOL! Hilarious. Can I buy a whole notepad full of these? I think I might know of someone that needs them. heehee.  Jun 17, 2008 ~ 9:07am
Kylie  Very cute....but don't even THINK about giving one of these to me. :) love ya!  Jun 17, 2008 ~ 8:44am
Dianna  Oh, goodness, good luck with that.  Jun 16, 2008 ~ 11:29pm
jenny  oh matt...i hope you have a good ladder to help you get out of that hole you're diggin'....gotta admit though, that's pretty funny!!!  Jun 16, 2008 ~ 9:16pm