Shari  Soda, even though I live in Michigan. Had grandparents from the south. If you call it Coke what do you do if they serve pepsi? LOL  Jun 22, 2008 ~ 6:09am
Kari  Well I'm a soda girl, even though I lived in OH and MN. Hey Matt, one of the big debates up here is whether an old childhood game is called "Duck, Duck, Goose" or "Duck, Duck, Grey Duck". It sparks quite a few heated debates. I'm a "Duck, Duck, Goose" myself, but I'm definately in the minority on this one in MN. Let me know if you can find a map for that. hehehe  Jun 19, 2008 ~ 12:20pm
Melissa Jill :)  I love this. So great. I would have to say that the findings are pretty accurate. I grew up in MN until I was 12 and always said "pop." Not that I've lived in AZ for awhile I say "soda." I love the south but this just goes to show that some of ya'll aren't too bright. Coke is a SPECIFIC TYPE of pop or soda. A sprite is NOT a coke.  Jun 17, 2008 ~ 8:55pm
Monica  Are you running out of fun things to do with your camera? I wonder if it takes into account that I grew up in CT, but now live in TX and say "soda."  Jun 17, 2008 ~ 1:04pm
Claire  You do realize that Matthew T.Campbell probably received his doctorate based on this research/thesis.  Jun 17, 2008 ~ 8:58am
Claire Hill  Personally, I am a Coke girl. What the map does not represent is those who still call it "Soda Pop"...  Jun 17, 2008 ~ 8:56am
Kelli  I knew California had it right. Though I grew up in a very small dark red spot in North Carolina. Thanks for the Cali influence mom! Go soda!  Jun 17, 2008 ~ 2:01am
Tina  Definitely a soda girl and I live in Dallas. Go figure.  Jun 17, 2008 ~ 12:02am
kimbrali  how about what would you like to DRINK? you weird people. soda and pop both just sound so old personish.  Jun 16, 2008 ~ 6:22pm
Kara May  I'm a soda girl. It's so strange for me to hear 'pop', 'coke', or any other name. Too funny that you found a geographic layout for uses of the name.... who knew?  Jun 16, 2008 ~ 3:57pm