Claude  Absolutely stunning Matt. Great work.  Mar 21, 2010 ~ 6:14pm
fotograf ślubny gdańsk  lovely pictures! Love the colours and the light!Do You use canon or nikon equipment? Regards  Mar 21, 2010 ~ 10:04am
Krysta  Oh man... I got a little misty when I read your comments about Parker holding the butterfly necklace... so sweet.  Mar 19, 2010 ~ 11:40am
Ashley\  what awesome memories! so glad you were able to share you gift with such beautiful family.  Mar 19, 2010 ~ 2:10am
Lana  I KNOW STACEY!!!! I graduated with his sister Leslie. The pics are great!!!!!  Mar 18, 2010 ~ 10:35pm
Melinda  Un - freakin - believable!! These are gorgeous images. I'm assuming Paige coordinated the outfits - great job with that too! I'm still waiting for the workshop or focus session (unless that was something I dreamed...) Your use of light is amazing!  Mar 18, 2010 ~ 2:14pm
bev hawley  Matt, You set the bar for family photography so high and need to pass your insights along to others in our field. Wonderful job!  Mar 18, 2010 ~ 10:28am
Robin McQuay Anderson  Blown. a. way. I think these images are really so fantastic - the back story - the lighting - the beautiful faces - everything worked and created a recipe for perfection. Thanks for the pleasure of seeing them.  Mar 18, 2010 ~ 9:10am
Candy  You are, as always, incredible.  Mar 18, 2010 ~ 8:53am
Matt  Thanks for the clarification on the butterfly necklace story, Paige. I knew I was a little fuzzy on the details and wasn't sure I got it right, but I've updated the post with what I think s the right story now.  Mar 18, 2010 ~ 8:39am
Becky  Matt - Fantastic pics as always!  Mar 18, 2010 ~ 7:53am
Melissa  Brought tears to my eyes as I have lost a dad and sister to cancer and truly know the value of family pictures. If only we photographers could make everyone understand it. Las year I photograhed a senior and he got in a car accident a couple weeks before graduation. His senior pictures are PRICELESS to his family. As always, GREAT job Matt!  Mar 18, 2010 ~ 7:45am
Angela Gier  WOW! What more should I say! Matt thank you for doing this shoot. The Pearson's are dear to me.....not enough space to say why. Paige needed this and I have goosebumps from all the emotion in that shoot. All of your comments about their children are right on. Well done!! Angela  Mar 18, 2010 ~ 7:17am
Paige  MATT! Seriously more beautiful than I thought last night! I get all sappy trying to think of what to write, but, thank you! Thank you from my heart. And the necklace, almost right, it was mine though, not Jenny's, but worn for her at our shoot, and to symbolize exactly what you wrote! Great job. You tired of hearing THANK YOU yet???  Mar 18, 2010 ~ 7:08am