Michelle Guzman  Love the snow flurries. We are supposed to possibly get snow in Orlando Florida. We'll see. :)  Jan 8, 2010 ~ 12:41am
Diane   A friend of mine and I joined your quest to take a picture a day in 2009. I loved it..for the most, but I too struggled some days as to what to take a picture of. I loved looking at your pics from the year - wonderful. congrats to Ohio...I have to admit I was cheering for the Ducks...because I live here in Oregon...although my family will always be Beaver fans :). Good luck on you next year of 365.  Jan 4, 2010 ~ 12:11pm
Calvin Hill  Wow! 70 years. I never realized. I wonder how long it has been for Conway, AR. Well, we had a little this morning (Jan 4). Happy New Year!  Jan 4, 2010 ~ 12:08pm
Kara Hicks  I have to say, I am a huge Washington Huskies Fan, but I was totally rooting for Ohio in the Rose Bowl! We H.A.T.E. the Ducks! Nice game! :)  Jan 3, 2010 ~ 5:52pm
keri  ..I-O!!... GO BUCKS... that flag is hanging in our hallway INSIDE our house!!.. i think my husband bleeds scarlet and gray..... :)  Jan 1, 2010 ~ 7:13pm
elena  -I-O! My hubby is off to watch the game.  Jan 1, 2010 ~ 3:40pm
Janet McK  I-O!!!  Jan 1, 2010 ~ 1:17pm
heather  I -O...Go Bucks!!!!!  Jan 1, 2010 ~ 12:34pm
Josh  - I..O! Great Flag!  Jan 1, 2010 ~ 10:43am