Charlene Chavez  Way too cute! Ya know you should warn there is nudity in this post, {middle image}. ;)  Jan 8, 2010 ~ 10:49am
Michelle Guzman  Adorable!!!!  Jan 8, 2010 ~ 12:41am
Mica  I'd like to see the grouping of 9 images in the background of that 2nd shot....  Jan 1, 2010 ~ 11:14am
Pati Pakulis  Matt, I've been a fan for quite some time now! You are one of my favorite photographers. I'm a good friend of Melissa Jill's. Just wanted to finally post on your blog and let you know that I absolutely get inspired everytime I visit. Keep up the amazing work. Many blessings to you in 2010!  Jan 1, 2010 ~ 10:48am
Adrienne  I love it!! Poor gingerbread man:(  Jan 1, 2010 ~ 4:32am
Marlene Fast  Happy Birthday Mia - you're beautiful!  Dec 31, 2009 ~ 9:36pm