kendra  Always such a treat to come see your images, Matt. You never disappoint!  Dec 2, 2009 ~ 12:23am
Barbara Thomas  I Love the pictures of my very pretty grandaughter and great grand daughter! Love you Mandy Sue and Cupcakes Love, Nan  Dec 1, 2009 ~ 6:54pm
Susan Scott  Loved every single one AGAIN! Matt, you have a talent. Thanks for sharing it here.  Nov 30, 2009 ~ 8:05pm
Schrode  Bro - The images are amazing (as always). Thanks also for the kind words. You are a dear friend and I am so very blessed to have you in my life buddy!  Nov 30, 2009 ~ 4:56pm
Karen  beautiful work, as always! matt, you're my hero! hope you had a great thanksgiving!  Nov 29, 2009 ~ 11:35am
Dennis Bullock  These are so great Matt! Love those rich colors! You will need to do another how to using one of those last few shots.  Nov 28, 2009 ~ 10:51pm