Mollie Kendall  You're my hero!  Sep 20, 2009 ~ 3:58pm
Julianna  Thank-you for being so generous with your talent and knowledge - love these posts!  Sep 16, 2009 ~ 12:25pm
Lauren Hammonds  Just want you to know we just sat around the computer while here at learnfest (the pic's on facebook) showing off your awesome blog to our new photog friends! You rock!  Sep 15, 2009 ~ 11:08pm
Jessica Feely  Wow!! This is freakin sweet! I love how you go step by step your befores and afters and how you tell the action and the opacity. I have never seen a photographer be so detailed and specific. Thats why you are unique...great job, the images are beautiful as well :) ~J  Sep 15, 2009 ~ 10:50pm
Ash McSorley  Love it!! Looks great.  Sep 15, 2009 ~ 9:09am
Kathy Norwood  Another beautiful image! thanks for sharing.  Sep 15, 2009 ~ 8:48am
Dennis Bullock  Good stuff again Matt! Couple of you start with a RAW file and if so in your RAW processing to you set your contrast to 0 prior to editing in PS? Also when you selective sharpen what do you use? A masked Kubota Magic Sharp? Thanks!  Sep 15, 2009 ~ 8:38am
Suzy E  Wow, thank you Matt! Question: Do you tend to often run the same actions on your photos? I know you wouldn't on every photo but just wondered if you have some trademark ones that you almost always run? And in your texture set, do you use some much more often than others?  Sep 15, 2009 ~ 8:07am
Julie McD  Thanks for sharing. It's a neat process to see. I'd love to know how long it takes you, on average, to edit a photo. I generally only sharpen and perhaps crop because I don't have a lot of time to spend on my photos. Totally amateur here with photos and post-processing.  Sep 15, 2009 ~ 8:05am
Melissa  Thanks for sharing! Love your work!!!  Sep 15, 2009 ~ 7:33am