melissa  love these Matt!!! your self portrait is funny because I just found a pic while editing that had a clear image of myself and I thought that was cool!  Jul 27, 2009 ~ 5:56pm
Tonya  Matt, it was so great to see you, Kylie, and Mia again. I knew the pics of Ava and Trinity would turn out so cute, even while you were taking them. As always, thanks for sharing your gift with us.  Jul 25, 2009 ~ 3:15pm
Monica  Magnifabulous!  Jul 24, 2009 ~ 1:25pm
kanaboke  You are hilarious with all your "trendiferous" words!! Your shots on the other hand...AH~Mazing!!!! Just enjoy your work tremendously!!  Jul 24, 2009 ~ 8:44am
karen  nice self portrait,'re a brave soul!  Jul 24, 2009 ~ 8:26am
kendra  Be careful how you throw those fancy new words out there, Matt! I had to read trendsettingness 3 times before I realized it wasn't transgenderness.  Jul 24, 2009 ~ 8:01am
Tina  LOVE the one of Trinity and Ava on the couch! I must have that! Oh, and there were a LOT more shots of you snoozing on the couch. Good times. :-)  Jul 24, 2009 ~ 12:59am
Robin  Ahh, the most casual of shots can look like fine art in your talented hands. When I grow up I want to shoot like you...wait, I'm already grown up - darn!!  Jul 23, 2009 ~ 6:53pm