Stephenie  Thanks for this post! My sentiments exactly. He will be greatly missed.  Jun 29, 2009 ~ 11:44am
Candy  It is sad. But the Michael Jackson I loved has been gone a long time already. Years from now, when someone asks "Where were you?", it's a Portland memory. I hope you come back to lay down some good ones.  Jun 27, 2009 ~ 1:30pm
april todd  I think it's sad too :(  Jun 27, 2009 ~ 6:29am
Robin  You have put into words my exact thoughts. When icons such as Michael, Marilyn, Diana, Jimi, etc pass on too early, it stuns and saddens us. They truly all had too little time to continue gracing us with their talent, charisma, and spirit. I share in the grief and pray for the peace of his soul.  Jun 26, 2009 ~ 9:30am