Sabari  Matt you did it again. Love the pics and Becky and Mom's hands and the boys on the trail. Superb!  Jun 25, 2009 ~ 4:15pm
Elaine  Great shots!!! Love the ones with the ball gloves on the ground and the boys in the distance, also the shot with the baseball in focus in stretched out hand! Gave me some great ideas!!!  Jun 25, 2009 ~ 8:11am
Linore  Priceless pictures! You really captured the moments, Matt. Becky - love the one of you and your mom. And the action shots of the boys, I can almost hear them!  Jun 25, 2009 ~ 7:56am
Becky  Matt - Thank you for the treasured memories of my family! I'm so glad I will have these memories of my boys long after they are grown. I love all the pictures. You are so awesome!  Jun 25, 2009 ~ 7:02am
Paige  These are wonderful, Matt. You truly captured boy!  Jun 24, 2009 ~ 3:33pm
jenny  what a fun #9  Jun 24, 2009 ~ 7:10am
Ahmed Ahad  Matt great work here... love looking at your blog. The firs pictures with the boys and one from the front and the other from the back... was very nicely done...  Jun 24, 2009 ~ 1:57am
Candy  Wow. I'm speechless...and you don't know how truly rare that is. You get to Oregon with some time, you call me.  Jun 24, 2009 ~ 1:22am