haley birkelbach  love these, matt!  Jun 25, 2009 ~ 2:44pm
Sharon  WOW! Melissa you look like a supermodel! These are gorgeous!! You rock, Matt.  Jun 23, 2009 ~ 7:43pm
Philip Casey  Well done on the posing. This is what I have no clue how to do.  Jun 22, 2009 ~ 11:31pm
Lisa Lawrence  in-cre-IB-le!!!! (just my fave word to say in espanol when I see something as friggin' awesome as these!!!!)  Jun 22, 2009 ~ 9:30pm
Jessica  WOW.... Matt you made my boss look HOT!!! Not that she isn't all the time! (I had to say that b/c I know she will see this post!) You ROCK!!  Jun 22, 2009 ~ 12:33pm
Melissa  Oh my gosh! Matt...you are brilliant with light! (and processing!! wink wink) I am so excited about these pics! thank you thank you thank you!!  Jun 22, 2009 ~ 12:07pm
Monica  Melissa you're movie-star gorgeous and Matt you captured her so accurately...artistically. Wondering if there's a significance to 25, besides her age ;) ?  Jun 22, 2009 ~ 9:04am
april todd  absolutely stunning!  Jun 22, 2009 ~ 8:53am
Karen  Wowsahs! Melissa, you are a hottie, girlfriend! Your hubby is going to love them! Matthew, your images speak VOLUMES! Love those images with the skyline in the background and esp the garage images - incredible work!  Jun 22, 2009 ~ 8:43am
Adrienne  love them all... especially the parking garage one.  Jun 22, 2009 ~ 8:35am
Lauren  She is gorgeous and what an awesome job! The big yellow arrow is my fav!  Jun 22, 2009 ~ 8:33am
Aleza  *WOW*  Jun 22, 2009 ~ 8:24am
michele  amazing matt! what a fun & fabulous session! melissa, you worked it! he captured your utter sauciness perfectly ;)  Jun 22, 2009 ~ 7:48am
Shelley Rankin  Gorgeous images. Wow. She is stunning and you rocked this.  Jun 22, 2009 ~ 7:39am
Bliss  My boyfriend and I are planning the best way to get you "accidentally" out of the way: we cannot tolerate a single picture more from you that makes our jaws lose control in front of the screen. Lucky you we are in Spain ;) Really, every new post is like a sugar to the eyes :)))  Jun 22, 2009 ~ 7:09am
Jason Drumm  Rock on Matt. Rock on.  Jun 22, 2009 ~ 5:33am
Candy  Wow.....can I just say...wow... Sign me up for that class you're gonna teach someday. Gotta make sure I'm at the top of the list. =)  Jun 22, 2009 ~ 2:45am
Daniel Fuentealba  this is such a great session... congrats to you and Tina... and of course to Melissa who was so nervous that she looked awesome! Have a good week Matt! dF.  Jun 22, 2009 ~ 1:15am
Molly W.  S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G.  Jun 22, 2009 ~ 12:56am
kimbrali  oh matty matt matt matt. these are stunning my friend. love me some melissa :)  Jun 22, 2009 ~ 12:26am