Candy  These are gorgeous. Something a friend of mine and I try to do occasionally (not often enough) is to photograph our town (Portland and surrounding) as if we were tourists or on the Tourism Board. These would bring me to Portland. GREAT JOB!  May 26, 2009 ~ 9:39am
Molly W.  I'm gonna be in Portland all summer (if not longer) and now you've gotten me all excited about it!Great shots as always.  May 25, 2009 ~ 4:27am
Monica  You are soooo good! (and sooo lucky to get your laptop back) Wow, Jerry Seinfield in Portland on the 22nd!  May 24, 2009 ~ 2:32pm
jason  ok...whoa! ISO 2000? seriously? are you using any noise software to help it be that smooth? Once again, Matt. these are amazing. totally inspiring.  May 24, 2009 ~ 11:03am
Courtney  Yes, Oregon (specifically Portland) is fantastic. I was so excited to see your Portland post, as I grew up in the area. You must let us know next time you'll be here! I'd love to have you take pictures of my soon to be little family (baby on the way in July).  May 24, 2009 ~ 9:35am
sally   can you take the class on a field trip please?? i've never seen buildings and cars look quite the way you make them look on your blog! fantastic! i wanna do thaat! ( whiney voice!)  May 24, 2009 ~ 7:09am
Sarah  New Oregonian fan piping up here! These pics are FANTASTIC!  May 23, 2009 ~ 11:41pm