Kathy Norwood  Matt, I'm having a love affair with my D3 also so in turn my husband is buying the D700 to put me in my place. I wonder if he will let me play with his... (camera) if I let him play with my... (camera). I love the image of the fence with the beautiful effect on it.  May 22, 2009 ~ 9:11am
Jamie  I'm a new blog stalker and I LOVE your work. Your Overlays are AH-mazing! I have enjoyed playing around with them!!!......So I have to ask.....was this pic taken in Denton? It's beautiful.  May 21, 2009 ~ 1:50pm
Christin  I have one question: When is the workshop when you teach all of us your photo "magic"??? Sign me up!  May 20, 2009 ~ 6:54pm
Monica  Maybe all the newborn D700s should get together for a play date :)  May 20, 2009 ~ 3:00pm
kendra  Gorgeous, Matt! Do you have an opinion on how the high ISOs compare to your D3 yet?  May 20, 2009 ~ 10:29am
Daniel Fuentealba  great image... waiting to get one of those :P... some day.  May 20, 2009 ~ 10:10am
Suzy E  Beautiful Matt!! I have a new D700 and it is the love of my life! But of course, I haven't danced with the D3 so maybe I would fall in love again if I did. LOL.  May 20, 2009 ~ 8:09am