Kara May  You are so awesome for sharing this with us. I sooo need to get into studio lighting...but fear sets in. Thanks for sharing!  May 2, 2009 ~ 1:28pm
Philip Casey  Awesome Thanks!  May 1, 2009 ~ 11:13am
Matt Nicolosi  @ Philip ~ Yep, I could've opened up my aperture and backed off on the lights, but there were a couple shots where Jen was facing me with her legs extended behind her (imagine a push-up), and I wanted to make sure I had enough depth of field to get all of her in focus. THanks for the question.  May 1, 2009 ~ 10:13am
Philip Casey  Matt, Couldn't you have shot the softbox at 1/32th, nikon at 1/64 or 1/128 and back the camera off from f8? I'm wondering if you could have shot this at 2.8 or 3.5 if you backed the camera down to ISO 50. Was there any particular reason you shot your lights so hot?  May 1, 2009 ~ 2:57am