alison  hey-I know those girlies! They are in school with my daughter. Great shot of the family!  May 9, 2009 ~ 1:31pm
malin  they are soooo cute, cant wait to see the rest of the pictures! miss you guys!  May 6, 2009 ~ 2:04pm
Wade Griffith  Great photo of two very cute little girls.  Apr 28, 2009 ~ 3:06pm
Molly W.  Ooo, cannot wait to see more!  Apr 28, 2009 ~ 4:32am
Elizabeth Peaslee  thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for such a great session! I can't believe you'd been up so had so much energy, especially keeping the girls giggling! Can't wait to see more!  Apr 27, 2009 ~ 6:33pm
jason  oh wow. this is great. i love the casual warm feeling to it. this one is worthy of a HUGE print. Can't wait to see more from this session.  Apr 27, 2009 ~ 2:33pm
Elaine  Love Loooove LOVE this photo! Can't wait to see more! Just curious what lens you used? And did I hear you correctly you were in Toronto??? You should've dropped me a line...I could've picked your brain...oops I mean show you around town!! :)  Apr 27, 2009 ~ 2:10pm
Monica  Awwww, so SWEET! Can't wait to see the rest.  Apr 27, 2009 ~ 10:52am