Angelique   LOVE These. Just simply amazing.  Mar 31, 2009 ~ 12:19pm
Sara Schrock  Gorgeous! Every single shot is PERFECT in every way! You are AMAZING!  Mar 30, 2009 ~ 5:12pm
Michelle  Great session Matt. These are beautiful.  Mar 29, 2009 ~ 11:19am
Melissa  I want to schedule an appointment!! I am serious! I want an appointment for my husband and I.... it looks like so much fun!!! I am gonna email you!  Mar 28, 2009 ~ 3:01pm
Adrienne  fantastic as always...i don't think you could ever take a bad image.  Mar 28, 2009 ~ 1:06am
Janna Selander  you rock. seriously. :)  Mar 27, 2009 ~ 10:21pm
Jamie Kutter  these are stunning Matt!  Mar 27, 2009 ~ 9:04pm
Cindy Harter  I think this session may be an alltime favorite of yours to me !!!!! Everything just came together ! Light, a beautiful couple and your eye and PP skills !!! AWESOME!!!  Mar 27, 2009 ~ 6:02am
amy hathcock  absolutely gorgeous! i can't possibly pick a favorite. the one where you used the 20x20 soft box looks like it could be a movie cover. you've got some mad skills matt!  Mar 26, 2009 ~ 11:07am
Molly W.  A-MAZ-ING!  Mar 26, 2009 ~ 8:57am
Monica  These are your signature images...I can pick your stuff out of a lineup ;) Add my awe to the rest.  Mar 25, 2009 ~ 8:31am
Elaine  OH my GOSH!! These pictures are absolutely fantastic!! WOW!  Mar 25, 2009 ~ 3:00am
Loree sumner  Amazing pictures as always!!! It's like they are coming through my screen. They are so sharp, beautitul, fabulous, amazing!!! Ok I don't want your head to get too big but really you have an incredible talent!! Great work!!  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 10:17pm
Jean Nicolosi  Hmmm...I'm thinkin' these are a hit!  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 9:08pm
Anne-Marie  Gorgeous. every.single.shot. You're such an inspiration!  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 8:57pm
lisa lawrence  All are fabuloso!  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 8:04pm
Mary  You rocked this session out!!! Awesome job and very inspiring  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 7:24pm
kimbrali  matty matt. oh my shit. these are just wow. so many favorites. the most amazing couple session ever by anyone no doubt bet my life on it. sooooo.... in austin. i will be your experimental model. ill start losing weight and everything ;)  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 6:51pm
Dennis Bullock  These are great! And to think you had to use the space bar and arrow keys to process them since your tablet is...well...not functional.  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 4:30pm
jason  wow...these area amazing. Love the lighting and processing. The compositions are fantastic. If you're keeping track, add me to the list of blog-stalkers! Wow...great work.  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 2:29pm
Melissa Jill :)  You ROCKED it! Love the "misfire" shot--common' Matt-- you MEANT to do that. and the shot of her looking at Justin. Sweet.  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 1:24pm
dana scherer  wow! WOW! matt these are simply glorious. really just stunning! they should be published.  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 12:45pm
Tina  Great stuff, Matt. I hope my images look even half as good as yours!  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 10:58am
Mollie Kendall  I am always amazed after I view one of your posts that I am left feeling so emotional! Matt your work is forever stunning.  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 10:34am
Candy  These leave me speechless. And you just don't know how seldom THAT happens! Beautiful. Your first workshop going to be on shooting or post-production?  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 10:26am
shena luna  As always Matt, you are my inspiration! Makes me want to get out and try something new right now...  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 10:06am
Jeana Bird  These are incredible! I love every single one of them! AMAZING!!!  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 9:14am
Hayley  Matt: some of the best pictures of us ever! I love them! Anytime you need another subject I will be there! ;)  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 9:03am
Julie  Absolutely love these..I think these are some of your best!!  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 8:47am
Rita   Love the nostalgic feel of these, I wonder if this is some of the textures you just took:) cant wait  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 8:35am
Lauren Hammonds  Great job Matt- I LOVE the misfire too! What a gorgeous couple - looks like a lot of fun!  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 8:33am
Erin Carlyle  These are amazing! You are a rockstar!  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 8:26am
kristin  These are absolutely AMAZING!!! I love your processing on them. Beautiful!  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 8:17am
Allison  Matt, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your work. LOVE IT!!!!  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 8:12am
lindey  just wow! your processing is to die for! love the misfire with the shadow in focus! they are all just gorgeous!  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 8:02am
jodi  absolutely stunning, matt. and thanks for posting which photos used alternative lighting.  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 7:06am
michelle  I think this might be your best work yet! These look so rich. I am absolutely in love with these. Nice job, for 'experimenting'- your talent is endless!  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 7:04am
jenny  ...know the old saying 'don't quit your day job'...Matt...quit your day job!!!! These are insanely incredible!! {if you have SO much free time to be doing just for fun pics about scheduling that first Nicolosi workshop :)}  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 6:26am
sally   wow!! wow !! wow!! all of these are fabulous! i want you to shoot pictures of me... do you make it to nc much??  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 5:31am
Karen  gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! matt, every time you out-do yourself! i can't get enough of looking at your work! :) oh, and call me next time you want to do some more "just-for-fun" shooting!  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 2:39am