Rachel Logan  ok, so i have looked at all the shots from this couple's post and i just can't get over this one...they are all amazing and awesome, but i just LOVE this one. it's perfection....  Mar 26, 2009 ~ 7:06pm
Erin Connolly  Wow, I LOVE THESE PICTURES. I work with Hayley and Tina and can't wait to see the rest. If you ever need more subjects to shoot, please let me know. We're free anytime :).  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 10:04am
Erin Carlyle  WOWSERS...can't wait to see the rest!  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 8:23am
Jamie Stoia  Intense is right! Sooooo haaauuutt!  Mar 23, 2009 ~ 11:34pm
Tina  Was totally fun, Matt. Will have to do again sometime soon!!  Mar 23, 2009 ~ 6:59pm
Gabriel  Brilliant.  Mar 23, 2009 ~ 2:06pm
Cristina C  Can't wait to see the rest. Very passionate without showing an inch of skin. Love it. Love the pp here too.  Mar 23, 2009 ~ 11:54am
marie murray  amazing.  Mar 23, 2009 ~ 11:21am
Matt Nicolosi  @ Jenny - It's all natural light and natural wind. We went downtown (Dallas) where it was pretty breezy between some of the buildings. For this shot we found some great open shade light by having Hayley and Justin stand just inside the entrance to a parking garage where the sunlight that was hitting and reflecting off nearby buildings was providing this beautiful light. HTH!  Mar 23, 2009 ~ 10:04am
Sarah Castor  That is an absolutely stunning photo! I love it!  Mar 23, 2009 ~ 9:47am
Shelley Rankin  OK, want to see the rest. Gorgeous, very intense shot. Very cool! Great work and I can't wait to see the rest.  Mar 23, 2009 ~ 9:39am
michele  hot. hot. hot. can't wait to see more.  Mar 23, 2009 ~ 9:21am
Amy Hathcock  Gorgeous! Pallette soaked. Can't wait to see the rest!  Mar 23, 2009 ~ 8:03am
Elaine  That's an INCREDIBLE shot!! Like those before me have said -- WOW!!  Mar 23, 2009 ~ 7:53am
jenny  wowsers matt!! can't wait to see the rest!! is that a la natural light and wind or were ya'll in some type of studio? breathtaking!!!  Mar 23, 2009 ~ 7:36am
Molly W.  AWESOME!  Mar 23, 2009 ~ 7:32am
Sharon in TX  Wow! Yes, let's see more!  Mar 23, 2009 ~ 7:24am
sally   WoW! Abercrombie will be jealous!  Mar 23, 2009 ~ 5:13am
Candy  HOLY COW!  Mar 23, 2009 ~ 3:18am