Rita   I think its funny, mine loves tp also. I know your sense of humor so im not worried about little Mia  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 8:39am
Luis Murillo  We used to keep our dog inside the house until he decided that two of my shirts didn't need the buttons so the dog now sleeps outside  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 7:38am
Mario Moreno  Matt - I've gota agree with the rest. I have two English Bulldogs and they LOVE TO CHEW!!! Well the boy likes to lift his leg on everything, the girl chews. But we do have a crate for them inside and in no way do they view it as punishment. If I walk that direction and call them, they dart straight for it and lay down...they love it! Use it at night and she will realize it is her place to relax...her den more or less.  Mar 22, 2009 ~ 10:42am
Shelley Rankin  Absolutely use the crate when you go out. They will discover it to be their "safe place" naturally and you will get peace of mind that she is safe and not tearing up things when your out. also make sure she doesn't have more room then enough to move around (they like cozy) or you may find a surprixe in the corner when you get home. She is so adorable. But dogs use to live in caves so don't feel bad about crating her!  Mar 22, 2009 ~ 8:06am
Matt Nicolosi  Okay, okay... now I feel like a heel. hahaha... 'heel'. Actually I can certainly see not putting her in her crate as punishment, but in my defense we hadn't been using the crate at all until after this occurred, meaning she wasn't sleeping in it at night or staying in it during the day while we were gone. We were keeping her in the master bathroom with the door shut while we were gone, but on this day (and one other) we forgot to shut the toilet room door, so she had free reign on the TP. Since this occurrence, we've been keeping her in the crate while we're gone, and we all seem to be happier for it. Well, at least Kylie and I are. And we're no longer using the crate as prison when she commits crimes against humanity. [grin]  Mar 21, 2009 ~ 11:28pm
Elaine  First she gets fired, and now this!!! Did you even allow her a phone call???? We are going to plea bargain on the account that she was distraught over losing her job!!! :)  Mar 21, 2009 ~ 7:40pm
Patrick  I agree with Liz. Their cages are there safe place. I have two 100+ lb dogs that know the exact moment that they've done something is wrong simply by the change in my voice. To each their own, though. We all figure it out as we go along. :)  Mar 21, 2009 ~ 5:46pm
Dennis Bullock  Sent her to the big house!  Mar 21, 2009 ~ 5:43pm
Liz  Mia looks sorry. ;) Actually heard that you shouldn't use the cage as punishmnet...it is their safe place. You want them to be able to go there and feel at home. I admit, I've done it with Macy when she was a puppy and I trusted her enough to leave her out for an hour while I ran a quick errand...only to come home to find toilet paper strung from the roll in the half bath all across the kitchen. Fun times. But I've found the most productive has been a swat on the tail end and saying no, no, NO so that she gets it. Good luck as new parents! :)  Mar 21, 2009 ~ 5:03pm