Allison Davis  Awesome! Totally adding some of your photos it to my birthday wish list. :) So excited for you with this new opportunity.  Mar 24, 2009 ~ 10:26am
paula  Matt, I would hate to think how many times I have been looking at your blog and yelled at my DH, "Honey, you should come see these photos. . .they would look amazing in your office!" And now, if I can make him stop long enough to shop, I can actually make that a reality. I am literally giddy just thinking about it. :o)  Mar 22, 2009 ~ 4:18pm
Shelley Rankin  You are ultra talented and I just adore your amazing images. Wow. I believe you are going to sell a ton.  Mar 22, 2009 ~ 8:18am
Brandie DeLisi  Stunning work Matt! I'm dying to go to Italy and your photos are making me want to hop on a plane tonight! I'll be stopping by your shop again soon :)  Mar 21, 2009 ~ 10:54pm