Ana  Once a day!! It's nice having something new and interesting to read and see everyday.  Jan 19, 2009 ~ 4:33pm
Katie Mahoney  I was asking myself the same questions just these last few days. I have decided to start posting once a week and not because I've given up, but it does feel like it is overtaking my blog. Once a week with seven images, something to look forward to for your subscribers.  Jan 19, 2009 ~ 1:15am
Dianna  Same thing: Google Reader, check daily, look for yours first. Keep 'em coming.  Jan 18, 2009 ~ 11:17pm
Matt Nicolosi  @ Cheridy - Hahaha... Chuck is actually still with us. Almost every morning I hear him banging his head against the window for about 15-20 minutes. Most of the time I just let it ride anymore... it's almost become white noise. I'll actually probably notice it more when he's finally gone. Occasionally I'll run into the dining room yelling with my hands flailing above my head like an idiot, but most of the time I just chuckle under my breath from the office, "ha ha... you're a moron, Chuck." I'm gonna miss him someday.  Jan 18, 2009 ~ 10:18pm
Tanya Mills  Chiming in with the rest of the crowd. I enjoy the daily posts! I also subscribe via Google Reader, so there are no "annoying" reminders.  Jan 18, 2009 ~ 9:39pm
cheridy  i'll be the voice that goes against the grain. i subscribe to you via bloglines and sometimes when i'm "behind" in checking the blogs i like to stalk if there is one with 1 or 2 i will check them first and then the one's that have more i might check if i get the chance. however, i really do like your writing and content and sense of humor so i have a feeling if it got to it, i would probably check in with you even if there were a lot. so just while i'm here i thought i would tell you my all time favorite blog post is "CHUCK. IS. DUMB." whatever happened to that dude? still happening?  Jan 18, 2009 ~ 9:04pm
Luis Murillo  I agree with everyone above, I keep all the blogs on google reader too and I don't have a problem getting a post from you fact it's one of the blogs I look for first :)  Jan 18, 2009 ~ 8:56pm
Annie  I also subscribe with google reader. Your posts are witty and interesting. The images are always great and I look forward to them everyday.  Jan 18, 2009 ~ 4:17pm
Jess Curren  I'd take a post TWICE a day if you were up for it. Love looking at your pictures. I've got you in Google Reader as well, so "checking" is not a problem. Keep 'em coming.  Jan 18, 2009 ~ 3:27pm
Brooke in WI  I LOVE the daily posts. But then again, I just visit regardless of when I get a notice of a new post. Thank you for the great eye candy and congrats on your upcoming wedding.  Jan 18, 2009 ~ 3:07pm
Dennis Bullock  I think it is fine Matt. I have you in my Google Reader and if I dont want to deal with your ugly mug that day you sit till the next day or until I get around to it.  Jan 18, 2009 ~ 2:20pm