Kim  LOL love the typos.  Jan 17, 2009 ~ 4:39pm
Nicole Mc  Looks like you have your work cut it out for you Kylie!! ;) What would they do without us?  Jan 17, 2009 ~ 4:04pm
kendra  Good one, Matt!  Jan 17, 2009 ~ 3:19pm
Paula  roflol! I love it.  Jan 17, 2009 ~ 10:00am
Dennis Bullock  That is great! My wife if my proof reader because I am terrible! Although it looks like I did pretty good on this comment.  Jan 17, 2009 ~ 9:12am
Jamie  Ahh yes.. sounds like it could be an idea for a new mac vs pc commercial ;) What great compliments to your ... everything.  Jan 16, 2009 ~ 11:54pm
Matt Nicolosi  Although Kylie did have to ask me how to spell "mispellings" and whether to use "effect" or "affect". Ahh... the irony is palatable. Thanks, honey!  Jan 16, 2009 ~ 11:36pm
Kylie  For the record...I pointed out all misspellings and grammatical errors, but for the effect of the post Matt refused to change them. Hope you all got a good laugh!  Jan 16, 2009 ~ 11:22pm