Heather  ahhh, looks like "we made it"-not! Manilow may "right the songs", but I neglected to write in on time. Ah, but "somewhere down the road", "somewhere in the night". "Daybreak" will come. Till then "I just can't smile without you". If nothing else - this has got to be theh cheeziest comment!  Dec 23, 2008 ~ 10:13pm
paula  no! say it isn't so. I missed out on Manilow! Well, big congrats to Jason and I want to wish you all the Merriest Christmas. I am looking forward to more fabulous eye-candy in '09. Blessings be to you and yours.  Dec 23, 2008 ~ 2:50pm
jason drumm  Just wanted to say thanks for the iTunes Gift Card. Rock on man! I hope you and Kylie have a blessed Christmas, rejoicing in the matchless name of Jesus.  Dec 23, 2008 ~ 12:51pm
debbi hyden  I need some Barry Manilow--!!!!  Dec 23, 2008 ~ 8:05am
Matt Nicolosi  Congratulations to Jason Drummer for being the 15th person to comment about being desperate for some Manilow. I'll do it again sometime soon, but in the meantime, thanks so much to everyone for stopping by. Have a great Christmas!  Dec 22, 2008 ~ 11:10pm
Molly W.  I'm late right? But I'm only late because I really need(ed) some Manilow so was trying to tack him down!!  Dec 22, 2008 ~ 9:38pm
sarah h  I need me some Manilow!!  Dec 22, 2008 ~ 6:14pm
Chung Nguyen  I need me some Air Supply!  Dec 22, 2008 ~ 5:32pm
Sarah  I need me some Manilow!  Dec 22, 2008 ~ 4:32pm
Larry Bartel  and maybe a little Air Supply. Ouch!  Dec 22, 2008 ~ 2:52pm
Larry Bartel  I need Manilow  Dec 22, 2008 ~ 2:51pm
Garry  I need Manilow  Dec 22, 2008 ~ 2:26pm
Stephenie  I need some Air Supply! :)  Dec 22, 2008 ~ 2:08pm
Dennis Bullock  I need some Manilow  Dec 22, 2008 ~ 2:03pm
Lyndee  I need some manilow!  Dec 22, 2008 ~ 1:47pm
Patrick Jackson  I need some Manilow yesterday!!  Dec 22, 2008 ~ 1:35pm
jason drumm  I need some Manilow  Dec 22, 2008 ~ 1:35pm
Mike Haskew  I NEED SOME MANILOW!!!  Dec 22, 2008 ~ 1:34pm
claire Drumm  Okay this is funny everyone is waiting and so we are only up to 11 comments the anticipation is killing me come on peeps lets do this...... I need some Manilow  Dec 22, 2008 ~ 1:34pm
jason drumm  This is funny. Everyone who has already posted is just waiting to use their second post as soon as they see #14 pop up. Go ahead click refresh again and take a deep breathe, cuz I need some air supply.  Dec 22, 2008 ~ 1:33pm
ERIN  I need some Manilow! Hook a sistah up!  Dec 22, 2008 ~ 1:08pm
John  I need some Manilow!  Dec 22, 2008 ~ 12:58pm
D Baker  I need me some Manilow.  Dec 22, 2008 ~ 12:34pm
Annie  Congrats, Matt. I need some Manilow!  Dec 22, 2008 ~ 12:14pm
Nessa  Wow. I never thought the words "I need some Manilow" would ever enter my consciousness!  Dec 22, 2008 ~ 12:09pm
Angie  I need some Manilow!  Dec 22, 2008 ~ 12:06pm
Allison  I need some manilow!  Dec 22, 2008 ~ 12:01pm
claire Drumm  I need some Manilow!!! Thanks for doing this Matt  Dec 22, 2008 ~ 12:01pm
jenny  I need some Manilow!!....and a Nicolosi workshop announcement:)  Dec 22, 2008 ~ 11:49am
Kelli  I need some air supply!  Dec 22, 2008 ~ 11:48am
Susan Dodd  I need some Manilow!  Dec 22, 2008 ~ 11:34am