april todd  good for you!  Dec 17, 2008 ~ 1:38pm
Matt Nicolosi  Liz: Uhh... of course not. Where would we be if Barry didn't write the songs that make the whole world sing or if Air Supply hadn't shown us what it looks like to be all out of love? We are forever indebted.  Dec 17, 2008 ~ 12:04pm
Shelley Rankin  I am so uncool. I like Air Supply. I also don't have an ipod or Mac. So I guess I'm a real geek. but that is ok. Cool is often overrated. :) I do love music though, and it is a great idea that you came up with. FUN!  Dec 17, 2008 ~ 9:21am
Suzanne  Keep on rockin' in the free world :)  Dec 17, 2008 ~ 9:02am
Liz W.  Are you insinuating tht Manilow and Air Supply are uncool?  Dec 17, 2008 ~ 9:00am
Dennis Bullock  Congarts Matt. You are such a giver!  Dec 17, 2008 ~ 7:47am