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Ahem... is this thing on? Interview with Natalie Norton
WHAT: News   |   WHEN: August 30, 2008

A couple weeks ago, I got an email from Natalie Norton asking - at the request of one of her readers - to do an interview with me for her "What's In YOUR Bag?" segment on her blog. Natalie's blog is fantastic because she has so much useful content related to digital photography. Truly a great resource to check out... and just a fun read. And while your at it, hop on over to Digital Photography School where Natalie also writes tons of good stuff for one of the most helpful sites for learning how to become a better, more versatile digital photographer.

I was very honored that Natalie asked me to do this because she has interviewed some pretty incredibly-talented photographers for this segment, including Jasmine Star, Michael and Anna Costa, Ed Pingol, Allison Cox, Jonathan Canias, Sean Flanigan, Heather Cole, and Jeff Newsome.

You can read the interview here.

Thanks, Natalie. It was a lot of fun and an interesting reflection to spend some time thinking about the questions you asked.


85 at Night
WHAT: Personal   |   WHEN: August 28, 2008
Not too far from my new house is Old Town Plano. It's a small, quaint little area with several shops, a couple galleries, and a few local pubs & restaurants. I grabbed my camera and my 85mm lens and went for a little walk over there tonight. Wasn't 'til I got there that I realized I forgot my flash. Duh.

I ended up only taking a couple photographs, but here's a handful of them with a little texturing thrown in simply because I have Photoshop and feel compelled to use it.


Shaking Off the Rust
WHAT: Personal   |   WHEN: August 27, 2008
Hello, camera. I'm sorry I've been away, but it's so good to see you. Let us never part ways again.

The shoulder is finally on the mend, and I'm able to pick up my beloved D3 again. I've got new client sessions starting again in September, so I thought I better get back in the saddle and shake off some of the rust. [Insert more gratuitous clich├ęs here] I went for a walk tonight in the new neighborhood, and just across the busy street from the housing development I live in is this big farm smack dab in the middle of urban sprawl. From the pictures below you might think I live out in the boonies, but I promise you I do live in modern civilization. This farmer guy is sitting on a gold mine, but I hope he never sells it. It's kinda cool to have open land with cows and alpaca (not pictured - sleeping or something) so close to the house. And oddly (and fortunately) enough, no farm smell to go with it. I've basically traded a view of the cross near the old apartment for a view of the cows near the new house. Reminds of home where I grew up back in Ohio.

Here's a few images from my first day back in a while.


Yearbook Yourself
WHAT: Fun   |   WHEN: August 20, 2008
Since I'm still not able to use my camera with this crazy shoulder thing (I know some of you are probably wondering, 'Is he even still doing photography??'), I'm catching up on a lot of blog stalking. One of my favorite blogs to check out is Bark by fine art dog photographer Erin Vey. Her work is very clean and crisp and I really appreciate her style and the way she captures the personality of her canine clientele.

I was checking in on her blog tonight and saw where she had posted an entry on this hilarious site called Yearbook Yourself where you can upload an image of yourself and then send yourself back in time by inserting your mug into yearbook photos from 1950 up to the year 2000. Give it a try and see if you don't see a frightening resemblance to one of your parents in a photo from their heyday.

Here's a collection of some of my favorites. Bet you can probably guess what year most of these were from.


An apology to Blog
WHAT: Fun   |   WHEN: August 19, 2008
Dear blog,

I'm sorry. I know you must be wondering where I've been and why I've neglected you for the better part of the last two weeks. Please know that I've missed you, though. I never intended to make you feel hurt and abandoned, and I promise you I'm not spending time with another blog. It's just that I was so busy with the move, and then that shoulder thing happened where it was too painful to even write to you for a few days, let alone use my camera to take any photographs to send to you. I've got lots of meds to help with that now, though, and with physical therapy starting tomorrow, I'm hoping things will be back to normal soon.

I miss you, and I want to spend more time with you, and I promise we will soon. Please give me another chance.

Yours always,


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