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Every Day Art Challenge ~ Toilet Paper!
WHAT: Fun   |   WHEN: May 26, 2008
So, what's an every day art challenge? On one of the photography forums I frequent, a couple of people recently jokingly asked/dared me to create a photo using toilet paper. I laughed it off at first, but then thought it might be a fun little exercise in creativity in looking at every day things in uncommon ways. Maybe even a recurring event/challenge where the subject matter changes each time. So, without further ado and with even less fanfare...

[insert sound of a drum roll here]

Here's the first installment. Get it? in-stall-ment. You know... toilet paper... in stalls... Oh, c'mon, admit it. I made a funny.

Anywho, okay this is my submission. Ingredients: one roll of toilet paper (brand unknown), one dark wood desk surface, one desk lamp, and a dash of Adobe Lightroom modified "300" preset love that I downloaded from somewhere I can't remember a while back (like everything else in the known and unknown universe, just Google it). Total prep time: 16 minutes (shutter click to final image).

It'd be sweet if others wanted to join in this little "challenge". So go ahead, if you've got a cool/funny/weird/artisitic toilet paper image (please use a little common sense here, this blog is PG 13), go ahead and post a link to it in the comments section.


How should I display my images? Idea #14
WHAT: For Clients   |   WHEN: May 26, 2008
When clients come in to view and order their images after their session, many times they feel a little overwhelmed just trying to narrow down to the images they want to order, let alone trying to figure out what sizes they need and how to display the images they choose. In addition to putting together a little inspiration guide and worksheet that I now give to each client at their session, I thought it might be helpful here on the blogapolooza to occasionally show a few ideas that might help in getting the wheels turning.

Idea # 14 (really there is no 1-13, I just didn't want to start with idea #1... it seemed so insignificant. And starting with idea #343 seemed a little over the top. Marketing gimmick at it's finest, I know.) is one of my favorites.

So for this first idea, uh, I mean this 14th idea, make a series of 3 images and display them together on a ledge (shown) or hanging on a wall. The images should be large enough to have impact and be visible from across the room without being too big that they fill the wall to where it feels crowded. Leave a little breathing room around the images for a clean, simple layout that is a stunning focal point in a room.

The images below are 14x30 canvas prints on 1.5" stretcher frames. I like "untraditional" print sizes like this when they're grouped together because they also make interesting solo pieces if you later want to break up the series. Ideally the prints could be spaced a tad further apart, but I only had a 48" ledge above the bed. A 60" would be perfect.

Hope that helps! More ideas to come in future posts.


Mike and Melanie ~ Married!
WHAT: Weddings   |   WHEN: May 26, 2008
Long time friends Mike and Melanie got married over the weekend, and it was awesome to be able to attend an event just to enjoy it without having to photograph it. They asked a couple times, but I still don't photograph weddings. I did take my camera, though, just to snag a couple images.

This image is too funny. Apparently there's a tradition in Melanie's family that whenever someone gets married, it's a right of passage that they have to wear the proverbial (or in this case, the literal) ball and chain at the reception.

Not sure how this works, though. Lemme see if I got this right; Melanie's wearing the ball and chain, but Mike has to carry it and chase her around the dance floor for the father-daughter dance??

Random image of my buddy Jerry who at the end of the night decided to trade out a table centerpiece that I think was holding flowers for his beverage glass. Very resourceful... and one of the reason's I think he and Tina could do well on The Amazing Race.

Jerry's wife, Tina, was nice enough to grab my camera and fire off these two shots of Kylie and I standing in this cool field outside the reception hall.

Not sure who picked up my camera off the table and took this image, but whoever it was, 'preciate ya.


Melanie ~ bridals
WHAT: Bridals   |   WHEN: May 26, 2008

My friends Melanie and Mike got married this weekend, which means I can finally unpixelate her bridal images that we took a few weeks back. I met Mike about a year after I moved to Dallas back in 1996, and we used to referee football together for a couple years as well as play on a flag football team together. We still play football, and a couple years ago, he met Melanie through Dallas Sport and Social Club, and he was smart enough to realize she made him a better man. I couldn't be happier for both of them. Congrats, you two!

This was the session I was 103% sure wasn't going to happen because it had been gray and rainy all day, but as soon as we met at the park that evening, the sun peeked out and things dried up just enough for us to capture Melanie looking beautiful and all grown up.

This one cracks me up. Love the Melanie & Hippie (Mike's long-time nickname from the years when his hair was longer than Melanie's) coozy and Melanie's Kansas State garter. I have no idea why she continues to maintain an over-the-top allegiance to a school with such a mediocre football team.

Since these two are so down to earth, laid back and fun, Melanie and I talked about bringing Mike's Harley down for a few "biker bridals". Mike was a good sport about it and rode the Harley down to the park and then took a walk until I let him know it was all clear for him to come get the bike after Melanie has safely hidden away. Wow, he's a better man than I am. I think... scratch that; I know I woulda taken a peek.


Email has left the building
WHAT: News   |   WHEN: May 23, 2008
Looks like my email has decided to take a long holiday weekend as I'm currently experiencing "technical difficulties". Looks like I can receive emails, but I can't currently send or respond to emails. The good news is all the service and support contact pages for my web/email hosting service provider are down, too, and they don't have phone support, so I can't even contact them right now to address this issue. Ahhh... I love technology.

So, please be patient if you've sent me an email and/or you're waiting to hear from me. I hope to have this resolved soon. In the meantime, you can always call the studio at 214-621-4264.


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