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Day 87 ~ I Found My Retirement Gig
WHAT: Project 365 (2009), Random   |   WHEN: March 30, 2009
Only a couple rooms remain in the house that haven't been touched since I moved in back in August of '08, and one of those is fixin' - that's right, fixin' - to go down. Next up? The living room. Current furniture sold? Check. New sectional ordered? Check. 11 year-old 27" Sony boat anchor TV updated with 50" plasma? Check. New paint colors picked out? Okay, cut! [insert sound of cartoonish screeching breaks here]. Hoy, the colors. We've hit a bit of a speed bump here. We've got lots of options here since the new sectional will be in a neutral sand color. We were kinda thinking something a little darker than the couch (but not too dark) and still neutral on 3 walls and then an accent color on the fireplace wall. We've narrowed it down red, green, purple or brown on the accent wall, and of course there's about 93 shades of each of those colors just to confuse us.

The not-so-confusing part of this is that I'm fairly certain a found my true calling... or at least a part-time retirement gig. Naming paint colors. I mean, c'mon... could there be a better job? Where else can you put on your kid hat, play with paint on the job, and make up warm, fuzzy color names like Brocade Cream, Winter Cocoa or my personal favorite, Naughty Neutral... and get paid for it. Only if I had that job, I'd spruce up the names a little bit. You know, give 'em a little bit more attitude and in-your-faceness. How 'bout, Punched-Em-In-The-Nose-And-Watched-Em-Bleed-Red? Too much? Tough. what about Pony-Poo-Brown or Belly-Bile-Green? Not feelin' it? Maybe I need a well-known spokesman to sell it. Imagine Jack Nicholson pushing these babies... "You WANT me on that wall. You NEED me on that wall."

Good grief, what a train wreck this post has become. Sorry for this disaster... this one completely got away from me. I'll cut it off now.


Days 83-86 ~ Wet Weather and Well Wishes
WHAT: Dogs, Project 365 (2009), Random   |   WHEN: March 28, 2009
The last several days have featured a little wet weather... and now it's cold. So... not much going on outdoors lately...

This first image was taken out on the street in front of the house around 8pm with the sun already well below the horizon after a bit of rain. {D3 + 85mm f/1.4 lens - ISO 2500, f/1.4 @ 1/50th of a second.}

Kylie has worked with Eileen for several years, and recently Eileen took a new position in Washington DC, so Thursday we went to a little going away party for her. Best wishes in your new endeavor, E!

Not too long ago the down spouting was blown off a corner of the house in the back yard. Since I can barely spell Bob Vila, let alone remotely pretend to have any of his skills, the spouting is still not back on the house yet. The upside? We get our own man-made waterfall in the backyard when it rains. The downside? The dog's about to need swimming lessons... the water is making a mess of the yard in that corner. Maybe I should just pick up some coi fish and feature our little watering hole.

For the record, no animals were harmed in this next image... at least not physically. Have you ever seen anything so pitiful? Kylie's pretty pumped about buying a few outfits for the dog, including this little water-resistant number. Me? I'm okay with the au-natural look. It might be a little different if she was a bigger dog, but it's hard to look serious when I show up for flag football games with a 4 lb pooch blinged out in snazzy sweaters and rain coats.


Day 82 ~ Bridges in the Sky
WHAT: Project 365 (2009), Random   |   WHEN: March 27, 2009
Got my Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens back today. This is a workhorse lens for me because of it's versatility. It's always with me, and even though it's not quite as sharp as a couple of my prime (fixed focal length) lenses, it's pretty close... and you can use it about anywhere.

I went to a going-away party for a friend who took a new job in DC tonight, and on the way home I made a little pit stop and went underneath these two overpasses to catch this shot with the 24-70. For those of you in Dallas, this is the eastbound and westbound George Bush Turnpike (a.k.a. 190) overpasses as they cross over Central Expressway (a.k.a. 75) in Plano.

This image was shot at ISO 3200 at 1/80th of a second at f/2.8. The light in this image was provided by the street lamps lining the overpasses, and it was a little foggy out which helped provide a nice glow above the roads. I added a little TRA2 "Grandma's Tap Shoes" action love (lowered the opacity) and overlaid one of the textures in my soon-to-be-released Firenze texture set (textures from Italy) using a hard light blend mode and lowering the opacity to about 25%.


Day 81 ~ Reunited
WHAT: Project 365 (2009), Random   |   WHEN: March 25, 2009

Set them free and if they love you, they'll come back to you. A little over a week ago I set my beloved D3 free, and today she came back to me... the nice folks at Nikon fixed her, gave her a tune up and - for $325 - sent her back to me good as new. I wanted to do a few test shots, but it was night time and raining, so I stuck the 85mm f/1.4 lens on her and set up a little shot on the dining room table. iPhone use #81... photo back drop.


Day 80 ~ Trolling
WHAT: Project 365 (2009), Random   |   WHEN: March 25, 2009
Another random image today... this one while looking for trolls under a bridge. No trolls were found, but this interesting little leading lines image was.


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