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Roshawn + Calvin = Married
WHO: Roshawn & Calvin   |   WHAT: Weddings   |   WHEN: June 27, 2010   |   WHERE: Dallas, TX - First Baptist Church
Just wanted to post a quick congrats to Roshawn & Calvin!  Seems like just last week that we took their engagement photos, but the last couple months have flown by, and yesterday they were married in downtown Dallas at First Baptist Church.  I'm just now downloading the images from yesterday, and while there'll certainly be more to come later, here's one that made me smile when I saw it. 


Remembrance Fine Art Albums
WHAT: For Clients, For Photographers, Weddings   |   WHEN: January 18, 2010
One of my favorite ways to capture the story of my clients - whether it be a bride & groom, an afternoon with a family or a newborn's first year - is through a remembrance album.  These are one of a kind, handmade fine art pieces that are truly a memoir to be handed down from generation to generation.

The cover material options are amazing with more than enough combinations of styles and materials to create a statement that is both stunning and uniquely you. The 1/8" thick pages with full-bleed (edge-to-edge) printing lay flat for a seamless spread that showcases your breathtaking images in a clean, modern and timeless layout.  And to top it off, your album is both protected and presented using beautiful sustainable materials like those shown below.

After shedding the presentation/protective jacket, revealed is a memoir that is as much a piece of art as it is a collection of your most precious memories.

A closeup detail of the stunning cover materials.  There are many options and combinations available to suit your design taste.


Day 182 ~ Wedding Refresh with the Panquernes
WHAT: Portraits, Project 365 (2009), Weddings   |   WHEN: June 29, 2009
Our good friends Ray and Hannah got married about 6 months ago in Baton Rouge, but because their big day was a little crazy with some huge freeway problems, their wedding day schedule got compressed and they didn't have much time to do many photos of just the two of them.  In addition, Hannah wanted to get at least a few bridal images done as well.  Kylie and I asked my friend Tina if she wanted to photograph Ray & Hannah to get a few more images to put in her budding photography portfolio while we came along to assist.

Tina and Hannah were finally able to work out a date and time, and it was perfect... 101 degrees and humid.  You couldn't ask for better weather for outdoor photography.  I felt bad for Hannah in her weding dress and Ray in his heat-seeking black suit... I was burning up in shorts and flip flops, so I can't believe they didn't spontaneously combust in the middle of the shoot.

With three of Hannah's sisters and mom in town, Kylie and I helping out, and Tina shooting, we had plenty of people to towel dry, fan, hydrate, and just generally pamper our models.  Everything turned out great and I'm sure Tina got some awesome images.  I didn't shoot much during the session (I mainly relagated myself to reflector holder, location/lighting scout, and a human light stand), but I did manage to squeeze in a few images along the way.


Trace & Kristie ~ One More TIme
WHAT: Weddings   |   WHEN: July 26, 2008
Here's a slideshow of Trace & Kristie's wedding day. Check it out.


Trace & Kristie ~ Married!
WHAT: Weddings   |   WHEN: July 24, 2008
I was truly honored that Trace & Kristie asked me to photograph their wedding, and as far as photographing first weddings solo, I couldn't think of a better couple to start with. It was awesome to see the way they looked at each other throughout the day, at times like there was no one else around. And the moment Kristie came down the aisle and both the bride and groom started tearing up... I still smile every time I look at those images. Such a sweet and telling sign of their relationship. It's obvious they are best friends.

The ceremony was at the former Governors' Mansion in Bismarck, North Dakota. A beautiful location and what I thought would be a nice escape from the Texas summer sauna weather. I thought wrong. According to the locals, the weather on the day of the wedding - low 90's and humid - was "unusual". Of course it was. Nonetheless, it was a perfect day for these two.

My favorite moment of the day? When the limo taking the wedding party back to the reception while we did a few portraits of just Trace and Kristie never came back for us. Not so funny for Trace and Kristie at the time, but they handled like two people who didn't care because they just got married. Besides, it'll make for a great story for them as they remember their big day. It already is a great story. The funniest part was Kristie standing in the street trying to flag down passing cars to give us a ride to the reception (see images below)... the friendly Bismarckians musta just thought she was doing a 'hey-look-at-me-I-just-got-married' wave because they would just honk, wave and drive on by. Golden.

I'll post a slideshow tomorrow showing more images, but here's a few of my favorites to hold you over until then.

Again, congrats, Trace & Kristie, and thank you for trusting in me to capture and preserve your wedding day. May God bless you in every new step together.

This might be my favorite image of the day. Both Trace and Kristie were tearing up when they saw each other for the first time that day.

Kristie's dad was the sweetest guy. Soft -spoken, but with a big heart... and he plays the accordion!

Ahhh the Red Eye. This is a homemade tradition for Kristie's family. There was a whole separate hotel room dedicated to serving it up during the reception.

And finally, here's me photographing the whole gig on this professional point-n-shoot. I was worried about bringing all me gear to Bisamarck, so I packed light. [grin]


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