Hi there. I’m Matt, and I’m a lifestyle family & portrait photographer based in Dallas, TX.

Born and raised in a relatively small town in Ohio, I grew up with 3 obsessions from my childhood: sports, drawing and Michael Jackson. While I was blessed to excel at the first two, the MJ thing – to my parents’ relief, I’m sure - eventually faded as I came to grips that while I could mimic the “Hee-Hee-Hees” pretty well, the moonwalk and the dancing part was never going to happen for me.

Now being able to see 40 only a couple years away, the personal glory moments in sports are becoming fewer and further between, but at a minimum I will always bleed scarlet and gray, and I’ll be cheering on the Buckeyes for as long as I’m taking up air on this earth.

The art? I have my grandma to thank for that. She had a gift with pencils, and she was gracious enough to pass her creative skills on to me at an early age. I’m forever thankful for that as it’s shaped and enriched my life in ways I could’ve never known at the time. In 2004, I traded in my colored pencils for my first digital camera, and I was semi-instantly hooked. I say “semi” because I loved the immediate feedback where I could see real time what I had captured; the downside was almost everything I captured was terrible. I had no idea what I was doing. Clearly. Fortunately, like anything you develop an addiction to, you get better at it, and I was addicted to photography pretty quickly. It was an entirely new way to see the world around me, and it would soon become more than just a creative outlet.

While I rarely take myself too seriously, my approach to photography is quite the opposite. I guess I’m selectively OCD that way (my wonderful wife Kylie can confirm this). My philosophy about photography is a simple one… Live. Capture. Remember. My passion lies in capturing life’s fleeting series of milestones, moments and memories in a way that is natural and authentic, so if you prefer images where people are perfectly dressed and perfectly posed within a perfect backdrop, we might turn out to be great friends, but I’m probably not the photographer for you. Life doesn’t happen in perfect ways, and it’s my pursuit to photograph people and places in a way that tells a story about their real personality.

For more information about my photography services, you can email me through the “contact” page or you can call me at 214-621-4264. If things work out, maybe I’ll show you some Michael Jackson drawings from when I was 13.

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